website of special subject page effect is very big, often can see a lot of the special pay promotion page landing page, you can see directly open a special page, which shows the importance of good. It can help from a different point of view, or from a vantage point to the packaging of our products, has many advantages, such as more targeted, with clear product advantages, different products such as nested copy. There are many types of topic pages, not only on product packaging, but also for packaging an activity, packaging a brand image, or an event, publicity, etc.. Today, he wants to talk to you about how to plan a web page that is in line with the user experience.

1. Determine the product page performance form


bluntly, is your topic page, what style you want to present in front of the user, PC above the current mainstream is a long page scroll bar, or multi screen scroll switching form. If it is mobile terminal, you can use H5 to do a multi screen scrolling switch to show the effect;

form itself is not what, personal advice is at the PC end if more information can be preferred page scroll bar form, if it is to discuss the products of a certain point, the content is relatively small, can give priority to multi screen scroll form;

, there’s two more points to remind:

1, if you are using multi screen switching, compatibility is very important, especially in the PC side, it is necessary to pay attention to the mainstream browser compatibility (IE8+, chrome, Firefox, etc.);

2, there is a different device resolution show effect often is not the same, for example, we did a screen resolution of 1920 topics, in the picture above the desktop display center is just right, but in the notebook is overflow, so greatly affect the user experience.

said he Yang here is not operating as you from a technical point of view to check and solve these problems, but you should consider these problems, and then feedback to the technology, because a good display effect is the basis of user experience;

two, follow the user’s mind, floor


from here you have to start formal planning your project page layout, but also the focus of this article, but different products, different themes, different point, different people planning out the special page layout is not the same, so not very fixed to offer you a similar the formula can only give you something to nesting, provide the following ideas;

here, he will explain the experience of his previous planning, hoping to help novice friends, and find "!"

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