in April of this year, Xing Hongyu, general manager of Tencent’s micro-blog division, claimed that the number of registered users of Tencent micro-blog was 373 million at the end of last year, now about 400 million, and the number of active users per day is 68 million. In February this year, according to the latest statistics released by Sina, Sina micro-blog registered users have exceeded the 300 million mark, the number of users per day more than 100 million.

such a huge use of crowds, insight naturally see business opportunities, which can easily profit, of course, through the micro-blog to attract fans to promote the brand. In fact, some big brands are not much force to promote, such as World of Warcraft in the Tencent micro-blog fans has exceeded 500 thousand mark, and only need to release some news every day is enough; there are some celebrities, such as Comrade Han Han, had exceeded 10 million fans of the public; as for the rest of the topic, the government departments also, by the fans which need conscious attention, how to add tangled fans.

but the popularity is not particularly high, but also need to do the company and personal brand publicity, micro-blog promotion naturally became a way of publicity in the old material of peace where the health network ( is just one of these companies in the. Well, how to do micro-blog promotion, successful marketing brand, old material with their company’s micro-blog operation, summed up a set of micro-blog promotion mode.

stupid method: listen to


fans show up is how many people you listen to, but the best way to get someone to listen to you is to listen to others. In return, you respect my foot I respect you three points, the two reason I believe we all know. So did micro-blog.

says listening is the stupidest way to do it, because it hardly involves any skills. Just click, listen, or pay attention to someone else’s micro-blog. But the stupidest method is usually effective. In general, the rate of return from listening to others, that is, the amount of listening, is between 10% and 20% listening to others. In other words, listening to 100 people, you can get 10 to 20 to be listening, that is, fans.

is also one of the easiest tasks for most editors to do every day.

two, clever method: broadcast

relay, to some extent, can reflect how micro-blog operators connect, by means of broadcasting each other to promote their micro-blog. Generally speaking, the retransmission is only carried out between the micro-blog of the same grade. That is to say, one thousand fans of micro-blog usually only with one thousand fly micro-blog mutual broadcast through the broadcast, their micro-blog can be other fans, also to a certain extent, let others fans call their fans. Of course, if the network is really good, one thousand fans of micro-blog really can let tens of thousands or even millions of fans of micro-blog to broadcast their content, but this is >

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