recently, chat with several business friends, they all do a product in the Internet or plan, involved in food O2O, also have the intention to bigger data products. A problem we are more worried is that in such a head easily (seize the appropriate hot speculation up), it is very difficult to (competition, vertical subdivision serious) of the Internet era, in the end how to do Internet products


wants to do pioneering work in Internet products, the first thing to consider is "what kind of products do you want to do? What kind of needs does it meet?"".


will consider, "how to extend the product life cycle, as soon as trassient as a fleeting cloud?", that is there are many Internet products, but also the most demanding problem of entrepreneurs. For it is not difficult to decide what to do, but how hard is it to endure.

finally, a very obscure question will appear. "What is the relationship between meeting the demand and the product life cycle?" "if so, what kind of relationship?"

We discuss the

the insightful, all sorts of gossip, but I have the heart of entrepreneurial era "raging like a storm how to do Internet products?" this question carefully to a.

, "I think the product is good, can sell" era long past; do Internet products should be the product of thinking "to" user thinking "

still wants to make big data products friends as an example.

the other person asks, "

?"I want to do a

based on the analysis of large data platform, through precise analysis of large data needs of users of this platform, then we provide users to the brand classification data, help them to the user precise push brand advertising. We charge a fee from the brand department. Is there any market prospect here,


I posed the question:

the first point, this accurate analysis and accurate push, should be more like WeChat can do ah. What is your competitiveness? And most importantly, how do you accumulate user resources on your platform? If you don’t have user resources, is your big data analysis a fantasy?

second, have you checked on your target audience? Why do they not need such a platform to you? Just to see the ads? What do they need? If you can meet this demand, in order to attract them to the platform.

third, even if your target users have requirements, it depends on the size and extent of the requirements, because the size of the requirements determines the length of time they stick on the platform. For example, the demand is small, most users are in order to get reward only to your platform, and then on foot, then, your follow-up accurate push advertising what significance and value?


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