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news website has been transferred to the pilot project for two years, from the administrative unit to the enterprise, great progress has been made in changing the role and positioning of the identity. The process of change will be even more intense, facing the mission of establishing their own market position. News website "money king" where, community, or the group market gold rush is an excellent breakthrough point.

news website, Qian Lu long

over the past decade, the main goal of the news website is to spread, revenue is not the first priority. News website from scratch, itself needs a long process, outside without investment, lack of capital in the case, relying on some support policy to the current pattern, is very difficult for a long way.

The basic revenue for

news websites, in general, comes first from display ads, as is business portals, but there is always a very big difference between them. News website in the more than 10 years of development process, and no commercial portal to fight traffic, fight to invest, which leads to the current network advertising market big hand, in the hands of commercial portal. For news websites, this is both unfortunate and lucky. Because of relying on free news browsing produced advertising, at present it seems to be not commercial Internet Co’s main profit model, the Internet industry revenue way has entered the era of diversification. Moreover, news shows need a lot of money to support them, and news websites do not invest heavily in this direction, and practice has proved a wise move.

, on the other hand, although the size of the business portal’s huge news browsing traffic does not create major profits for them, they can use it to do other things and build other profitable businesses. For example, Sohu, they flow to the door of the property, cars, games and other fields tilt, creating a tour of the game and other very profitable listed companies. NetEase in the impression of people is always a portal, but in fact the company after ten years of development, has more than 90% of the revenue from the game business, portal business currently accounts for only $7 billion in its market value of less than 10%. Although news websites avoid huge investments, they do not get traffic to develop other businesses.

in the absence of traffic and lack of money, the news website can do little. The news website may not engage in the game, their strength, talent, capital and other conditions are not up to the requirements; news website nor to engage in social networking and instant messaging, that is high on the scale of the requirements of the product, it is very difficult to do; e-commerce news website, but can not do nationwide, need to invest the funds is an astronomical figure, and the possibility of failure is great.

even to enterprise, news websites also need to adhere to the communication function, but if the dream within a short time from the news business to earn a living for their own money, it is not realistic, the news website must find the most suitable conditions of the business model, using the money to maintain basic business news service operation.


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