now can say, website already not like before, some random data, random collection can have thousands of traffic, the diligent webmaster should have already tasted the sweetness. Originality is becoming more and more important. The content won’t give you any traffic at all. This is my half a year to do the station experience. Always miss the good opportunity, always feel this world slow beat, you can copy the collection when the flood I didn’t want to stop, when do their station to begin collecting copy, and found that this method has simply do not bring any traffic, so the delay time of three months, thus I began to think of other the way.

then applied for a domain name, want to start doing local stations, years ago, put their stations on the Internet, content is all hand added, the content is also basic original and modified. At the beginning, and most webmasters like to see every day included, basically can say that an average hour to see, and I feel a bit nervous, ha ha. When the site was tenth days old, Google included, although only 1 pages, but also very happy.

is next to the company, the same, and method we say now, know, blog links. But he didn’t dare get much fear of punishment is not included, basically every day to do a little, and after 10 days with the effect, Baidu included, ecstasy! The next few days began to keep looking for content of writing, the day is in confusion, anxiety, hope, dream, in the lonely days. Seems to be every day, sometimes really do not know if there will be a way out, but think about it must adhere to, so have come to insist on. A week later, when the big update on Baidu Thursday, was included in the more than 300 page, see the effort seems to be a little harvest, but also add a lot of confidence. But the next most likely thing is patience and wait. Personal blog address Uid-24, hope you communicate more,


in short, the webmaster now every day to consider is the flow up no, flow less worry, to do optimization, add articles, find information, do connection. Flow up, but also anxious, to hold traffic, but also very hard, and accidentally, which day traffic may suddenly less. Or any day to do boring people, they become lazy, really tired, but still hope that everyone can stand better and better!!!


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