in the twinkling of an eye, I have worked in the stationmaster for many years. I believe the station to be able to feed their families, to rejuvenating Ampang station.

large fish because of rejuvenating Ampang said, do not let in this talk about political topics, I will not say, probably mention Webmaster Station call on patriotic advertising and Tencent QQ Avatar Mantianhong, let me feel this sentence is really on.

station to support the family. I am a small webmaster, decided that I can only build small station. It’s like a lot of things just need a word to know what you’re doing. For example, say The woman is like the clothes, Brothers are like hands and feet., listen to this just understand oneself for so many years is the naked all flurry and confusion run in the community for many years. It suddenly occurred to the station that can support a family, so many years I really just because of interest by a website to now entered the pursuit of Wangzhuan network money. Know what you’re aiming for.

It’s really hard for

to support his family. In April 07, I built a PS website. In December 28th, I transferred this website. All say stationmaster should hold to. At that time, a feeling, very perplexed. If the stationmaster can’t keep up, I think that’s mostly the reason. The loss of confidence in the site is not that it really has no future, but is influenced by family, relationships, and other factors. Suddenly, I felt as if I had lost so much for the station. Of course I didn’t blame it, but I felt very gray. Just like what Tang Laoya said in an hour, "it’s terrible."".

website has been transferred, received more than 20 tickets, in the heart has a kind of can not express the feeling. It’s like selling your own son. It turned into my blood when I didn’t feel it. It makes me feel a kind of heartache emotionally, a kind of blood relationship caused by heartache. Especially in the back, buy it that webmaster, no responsibility at all, no management, looking at the day after day, it became a garbage dump, is more uncomfortable.

from now on, I made up my mind not to sell any more.

, I’ve been thinking this year. The station suits me. Really, if there is no one day a dozen hours of work, it is not good webmaster. No, I want to choose this webmaster, is the webmaster, really suits me. I’ve made a career in my website. Decided to build a website group. Recently the new two station Secret Love Island and cross stitch city we can look at the time.

I’ll give you my income. Last year, basically no income. For others to do a website more than 1000, and then spent 460 to buy a set of space. My agent network and fast network space, and is another set of space charges. And then set up the PS forum. By the end of the forum transfer. This year received GG100US, undertake to a website, 3200 clinch a deal. And spent 300 yuan and bought a new space. By August, 400 more space to buy.

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