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article, the article also lost, in the first half of the year, as long as the search engine Baidu to follow the laws of business website, the site will have a good ranking. Thanks to my website, update 3 article original website, unprecedented reached ssky stage, but as a butterfly, only by virtue of their own advantages richly endowed by nature of the opportune a rest, the final site in the Baidu big baptism fell into the abyss, unprecedented depressed sad times N.

facing the changing and updated algorithms and laws of Baidu, we will not discuss obscure academic issues for the time being. I would like to express my feelings and experiences by working with Baidu for so long. First of all, Baidu gave me hope, gave me the direction and motivation, but also gave me wealth. So, we should be grateful to Baidu, and then, because of their own efforts, enjoyment and comfort, resulting in Baidu spider to the station lost the previous affinity. This is how to reveal yourself the love of ease, since Baidu earned two man for their own pockets, they rarely lead a gay life to enjoy together, on the site of original. Almost all of them copy other articles directly and change the title. Also rarely false original.

this colleague’s website is pulled out by Baidu the most obvious formidable, before his website key key word Ji’nan website construction ranks first in the rank. Baidu included length of up to more than 1600, but most of his articles are copied, just change the title. So, Baidu spider repeatedly forgive him, but he is insatiable, incorrigible. Baidu was eventually plucked out of more than 300. The ranking is boundless, suddenly look back, the first and the second old (my site) has now hand over to make way, is retiring? I was the site of imitation SEO optimization, page keyword bold, and also have the suspicion of stack. Previously, a master said that my site is vulnerable to Baidu K, I want to take a risk, try it, big deal will be K it, not K can earn two for the time being?. Ha ha, earned 4 months of hair Grandpa, heart is that cool ah. But today, he has returned to the past, reduced to nothing, poor guy, even in the face of his girlfriend seems particularly vicissitudes of life, ah.

did not write original article for a long time, today the small pig Dao. There seems to be that year of the domineering and literary talent. We are the same, encountered setbacks in the always on the road ahead, or how to change the experience and achievements have an encyclopedic mind. When complacent, indifferent, frustrated when calm, I believe that as long as we do our hearts stand, Baidu will give us the day of success. Come on, I wish all of you will be able to do business.

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