faces problems: new sites get rankings and traffic, often with a certain SEO optimization page, buy links, add articles, original content based. This needs to be done, and time must adhere to the

thinking analysis: learning long tail keywords after the theory, benefit greatly, decided to practice in order to genuine knowledge

long tail advantage: less competition, ranking easily. If you do dozens of long tail, ranking stable, not easy to fall.

experiment site: www.meiyaguoji.net

key words: American International

long tail key words: Asia America international shopping platform, Hongkong Asia America International, American Asian shopping platform, American Asian shopping, American Asian international shopping network,.


(1) first determine the choice of long tail keywords by Baidu search: http://s.www2.baidu.com/inquire/rsquery.php input: International (if you want to do is input: novel, novel), we can see: international shopping platform is the most popular search


(2) write the title: the choice of title is the most important. The choice of title is half of success, at this point, think of the user’s search habits. In one sentence, sum up the keywords that are most frequently searched by users.


is written: Meiya international | Hongkong Meiya international shopping platform _ Meiya products, Mayer news, agent and internal Forum (for reference only, the title is a little long, this is the disadvantage of


here you can see: there are two long tail: Hongkong, Asia America International, Asia America international shopping platform, so I use: Hongkong Asia America international shopping platform to link these two

(3) on the website’s home page appears this long tail keywords, but also can use an original article to describe the long tail keywords.

(4) more around the main keywords, as you are a user, but also search what related. And then continue to do other long tail keywords. You can take other forms of


(5) if more long tail keywords you do up. Your main keyword naturally also go up. And not easy to fall. Traffic naturally come up,.

through the experiment: long tail keywords have successfully occupied Baidu first page

failed: the main keyword hasn’t been up yet. It takes a little time,.

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