the earliest pawnshop appeared in the northern and Southern Dynasties, more than 1500 years ago. When the ancient Millennium business meets the Internet, what sparks will crash?

Why does

become an Internet pawn shop?

, founder and CEO of the pawnshop, was born in 1983. He is already the fourth entrepreneur in the sunshine. He is a typical serial entrepreneur.

in 2002 is still in the University from Wang from Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, made a mobile phone game company, the company later sold successfully. The second venture, Wang started together with friends and do Symbian mobile phone download software platform, then downloads in the domestic one, but due to internal reasons, Wang retained shares but left the company. After the start, Wang in 2011 when most of the fire to create electricity supplier company, cosmetics electricity supplier beautiful day, month turnover had reached 60 million yuan. But unfortunately, in 2012 when the electricity supplier in the winter, the beautiful cash flow today broke, leading to Wang this venture still failed, and had to liquidate, Wang also lost about ten million.

, Wang, the original fourth pioneering, why would choose the Internet pawn in this area to do?


Wang to the NetEase said there had been two more reliable business direction, is the first game in 2013, the king of a competition agreement has been coming up the game is more suction gold project, the success rate is also higher. Second is the Internet banking, fiery entrepreneurship in recent years, the market prospect is broad, pawn market is a blank. Let Wang finally make a decision, it is "project scale", that is, in the future, the company can grow in the end. "If you choose the game, in the current market environment, we will make a company with a maximum of $100 million.". But if you do Internet pawn shops, compared to the mature market in the United States, we have the opportunity to do $10 billion."

identified the direction of entrepreneurship, Wang and his start-up team began to study the product model carefully, and finally inspired by the taxi software such as drops, they decided to do the "sharing economy" in the pawnshop industry".

what about the Internet pawnshop,


scouring the operating path of the pawnshop, is cut from the corner of the industry, and then slowly penetrate the upper reaches of the industry ecological chain way.

at the very beginning, scouring the pawnshop decided to start off from the electronic business platform. In the traditional pawn shop, the treatment of the goods as the first commodity is troublesome, but it is also a more important way of cashing. As a result, Amoy pawn line under the pawn line, began to help them sell these online "when absolutely goods."". As a result, these items were dealt with quickly, much more efficiently than the offline ones.

, and the pawn shop deals with the process of quality, and it is also the process of scouring the pawnshop familiar with the pawnshop industry and accumulating the resources under the line. At present, the Amoy pawnshop has signed 5000 line pawn shops, of which only more than 200 people

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