is actually a lot of expertise we just give full play in the network can be turned into real money, once a young man was very proficient in chasing girls, she wrote a Book score Secrets eBook selling, actually there are a lot of people most willing to pay. As the saying goes, there is a market demand, as long as your product can provide help for others, you will find your own market. And if you want your product to be competitive enough, the best strategy is to give full play to your strengths and become a unique provider.

is very interesting, in the second half of 2007 Chinese online advertising industry at the same time mom www.alimama and www.yigao against two advertising trading platform, Ali mother since hailed as the world’s leading Chinese online advertising market, but also to hold high the "billion online advertising trading platform of choice, to make advertising more value" network banner. To be honest this war two for the online advertising market should be in full swing play is incompatible, but, as of today, we see is still in smooth water and not because of them, the on-line change of advertisers on the network and choice, website owners and advertisers together with matching pattern like furnace not too much.

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from that day, every day he will receive a lot of soft Wen task, once aimless life becomes enriched. Because of his excellent writing style and thinking, many of his friends have successfully won the bid, and some employers have offered to contact him in the hope of long-term cooperation. Just a few months, around his income makes students envy.

for those who do not understand the technology of friends, like Wangzhuan a Book mumbo-jumbo, see people get confused and disoriented. In fact, there are many Wangzhuan mode, not necessarily to be skillful to earn money. Sometimes, as long as you give full play to their own expertise, you can get a lot of money.

I have a classmate who likes playing space. The first thing that opens the computer every day is to log on to , and then tirelessly update the diary, dress up style. In order to meet his vanity, he added hundreds of friends, so that the chance of being reprinted was greatly increased. Once the brothers excited the whole dormitory pulled in front of the computer, I saw his message playing non-stop, it is to write a diary yesterday quite shocking, was friends crazy reproduced, so scene so he was very proud.

I read the log later and wrote it really. It’s smart and funny. A work can be so crazy reprint, if used in website promotion, will certainly bring good results. Friends familiar with the network all know, Witkey site above every day there are many shopkeepers and webmaster spend heavily on the acquisition of excellent soft Wen, and this kind of reprint rate of the article is their favorite. So I asked my friend if he wanted to make money by writing articles. He was surprised. He never thought that the article by Ray would have liquidity. In order to let him have a systematic understanding of the concept of network soft and powerful functions to do a detailed introduction to him, and showed him a bounty on Witkey website task, see his blood.

nowadays, it has become a fashion to open an online shop, and many people even manage it as their own business. Online stores are different from physical stores, and if you want to attract customers’ attention, product photos are important. A friend of the author is very proficient in Photoshop, spare time to sit in front of the computer to help shop shopkeeper processing images, although each paid very low, but due to the large amount of business, but also to earn a substantial income.

mom in the capital operation, relying on the Ali group’s strong win over a large number of long tail perpendicular and horizontal, strong resources, go buy in to walk out the routine, said Ali’s mother currently has more than 330 thousand small sites and 170 thousand blog site, with more than 900 thousand advertising and covering 1 billion 400 million of the PV, which include a small site near 1/3 Chinese, this burn burn out Chinese webmaster looking forward to spring, now most of the energy of the visible Ali mother in the long tail media expansion. This kind of short term on the main site is "golden wind Xi, is open, but more is Zi Jinhua" Ali mother invisible shackles. We turned to see that it is a billion here scenery how open billion advertising platform, the industry has done a detailed classification, sale network media flagship according to user group divided into business investment circle, China Merchants medical circle, women’s fashion circle, the mainstream IT circle, and small area living area, each of the media circle has accurate classification, quite a bit of focus Jiangnanchun advocated "full circle" means. But people are fantastic against with the integration strategy under the banner of the media belong to Mary billion sibling Yiqifa website alliance is completely the opposite, Yiqifa depends on the long tail site has joined the first web alliance platform position, but to the long tail billion resources compared to less work at mother Ali Baba sorry, this to let people think about and doubt Mary billion gourd sell what medicine is Ali mother to shock,

I think in fact, I think mom first from the downstream main site surgery, circle of good variety of grass, sheep or a naturally, and go to the billion Quxianjiuguo way, first from the upstream advertisers with the depth of excavation, the needs of advertisers, the media analysis and choose to help advertisers accurately hit the target customers directly to achieve effective propaganda purposes. This seems to the long tail billion to the webmaster is not fair, "chicken and egg" for us is not what can be discussed, we need to be sustainable, long-term advertising revenue, savvy owners if the depth, for the long-term point, see billion the report is well intentioned, but.


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