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although Facebook’s IPO has thrown cold water, but from the whole environment, it is no doubt that it is setting off an upsurge of investment and entrepreneurship. But to think its start-up is very simple, easy financing, it must be by the market on the surface of bright dazzled. In fact, financing is a very difficult thing for early-stage startups. To provide guidance for start-ups, Jay Ventures, partner of BlueRun Jamison, summed up his experience in selecting start-ups as a formula.

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Jamison selected its 200 start-ups in accordance with a certain standard. Score each company in five dimensions up to 5 points. These five dimensions are:

founder has strong technical background and may have start-up experience. The team may be incomplete. Professional ethics, personality, no problem,

market prospects are very good. It’s possible to change the world,

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has an early indication of strong market appeal. It may be in a very short time range or after a sudden explosion for example, becoming an app store,

term sheet


founder has a strong technical, start-up experience, outstanding professional skills related to the business, very understanding of customers. Core entrepreneurial teams are already in place. Professional ethics belongs to the highest level and has a very good personality.

‘s famous founder, a former CEO start-up experience, character and professional ethics, no problem,


market leading product


exciting. The opportunity to open up a major business area has the potential to create a very interesting independent company.

does not invest, but closely observe

products have been listed, attractive, and have become the market leader’s vision

outstanding market attractiveness. Not only in the number of independent users or the number of downloads, but also includes user loyalty in the number of site stay, repeated visits, user growth and other

the possibility of getting the terms list


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