2. CPM ad alliance

this is a time of material abundance. From to eat rice every day in the New Year meal from food, no fixed abode to the edifice erected, became the city limit number lines as a dowry from the bike.


PPC advertising revenue depends on the overall traffic of the site, the ad click rate CTR and the average click price CPC. CTR depends on the layout of the site, such as floating ads and advertisements in the article, with relatively high click rates. CPC depends on the industry attributes of the site, the average price of mortgage, financial products and school education websites is higher than the technical websites.

girl, a single man is improper, hey do what aunt and uncle


Lin Bao began preparations in mid 2014, December officially decided to start business, do agricultural related O2O projects. She has launched all the chips and equity investors raised Jingdong, financing a total of about 1 million, and now less than a month, and she has sold all the dates. She started selling jujube trees again, yes, trees, trees,

second a friend named Qin Xuan, to study the background of rich handsome, arrived in the United States at the age of 10, graduated from Harvard University, served as an investment consultant at McKinsey, what is his business career? Chinese back, to the supermarket shopping box box to change it to change it, play a card wow Iraq name Mini koala. You can now say he is a warehouse administrator, or imagine him becoming a dangling half red, wearing slippers after the gate area of the old man warehouse.

of course, site traffic is also one of the factors that affect CTR. Natural flows from search engines are more likely to click ads because the visitors themselves are looking for some kind of information. And social media traffic is rarely clicked on advertising, they usually ignore the existence of advertising.

shlf1314 AdSense is the best choice for PPC PAY, PER, CLICK, but in fact, many advertising organizations offer PPC advertising. If you want to make money in this way, first you need to sign up for an account number, and then add some code to your website. After the advertising alliance will provide advertising according to the content of your website possibly text ads, image ads may be, finally, if someone clicks on the ads, you can get some clicks according to the advertisement.

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needs to be aware of is that here is the way the site makes money, not the way it earns more money. Increasing traffic and increasing click rate can make you better, but they don’t represent a way to make money. For example, integrating AdSense ads into web sites can make profit for websites. But in fact, this is not a way to make money. It’s just one of the ways to make money by increasing the click through rate of advertising. The real ways of making money are PPC and the internet.

this is an age of freedom, health and happiness. Although eat well but people’s health deteriorated, food supply but are constantly produced carcinogenic products, but many of the house belong to you only the narrow space, although you have a car on the road congestion but either is either limited.


advertising alliances, advertising locations, and advertising styles all affect CPM prices. Advertising better, attract advertising business.

1. PPC ad

also missed a commonplace, unwilling to change the time. What time are we living in,

direct way

first a friend named Lin Bao, a fashion beauty, steeped in Internet circles, as an editor, has made the market, doing marketing, love dancing, singing, what is her business career? Go back to the countryside, the village of several bags of jujube. You can call her now for the village, or thought she became a head with a towel tied the egg jujube boyle.

CPM ad network is very similar in form to the PPC ad network, except that the CPM advertising alliance pays users by impressions such as page views on the user’s website. The full name of CPM is Cost per Mile, that is, the cost per thousand people.

first look at the case one: Lin Bao and her original ecological tree

Two friends ?

genius created the era, and enjoy the era of mediocrity.

if a blog banner has 100 thousand page views per month and the CPM price is $1, then the blogger’s monthly advertising revenue is $100.

The methods described below in

you can enjoy this very prosperous era, worry about food and clothing, do a love shopping chop hand family, finally because of food carcinogenic or air pollution to death; you can also change the times, you and I are in the Internet coincides with the transformation of traditional industries change, you need is a little bit of entrepreneurial courage and a little bit of luck, as well as some keen to grasp the change period of opportunity.

are divided into two direct and indirect ways.

talked about the way the site makes money in many places, but this one should be the most complete. If you think there is something missing, you can add it below.

I know, is unwilling to commonplace, they are trying to change the time. They are engaged in entrepreneurial career, compared with their previous background, will let you scared out of teeth. But they are indeed unwilling commonplace, trying to change yourself, may also change the times.