the core structure of each fast charge cell consists of 50 positive electrodes and 50 negative electrodes which are stacked with each other and injected into the electrolyte. The anode and the anode are two kinds of different metal films, and the single side is plated with a mixture of nanometer material and organic material, and the coating thickness is only 7 microns. The size of the positive and negative plate is about 2/3 of the calling card. After the battery is assembled, it is quite similar to the mobile phone battery in the market now. When it comes to fast charge battery components of the mixture, multi Rong said that raw materials including silicon nano materials by including a variety of materials into nano particles, and mixed in proportion; organic materials are needed in synthetic organic chemistry laboratory in the company.

Commission > 5000 yuan 77 shops, a total of 1464127.85 yuan Commission;

mobile fast charge battery technology is mature,


currently uses a mobile phone battery for several hours, while a car battery takes more than 10 hours. StoreDot R & D and production of small scale mobile phone battery charging time is only 5 minutes, more Rong explained that the secret of success is a mixture of synthetic organic materials and nano materials to replace the traditional battery of lithium ion in graphite, let mixture quickly through the synthesis of organic material into active materials to implement fast charging at the same time, the use of nano material protection of synthetic organic materials not expansion and decomposition, thus eliminating the hidden dangers of traditional rechargeable batteries.


the first step is to find the shop promotion is the promotion of appropriate, shops, usually choose Commission is relatively stable, good reputation, good pay shop. After observation of more than 70 thousand shops, some data are as follows.


single product promotion and shop promotion are two main directions for Taobao customers to promote the customer in the above analysis of billions of single product promotion and serious doubts, but this paper is focus on the shop.

> commission expenses 300 yuan; the 941 shops, the total Commission 2297135.6>

next year, mass production is the target

Commission > 2000 yuan 175 shops, a total of 1768143.56 yuan Commission;

;The The

Commission > 10000 yuan 35 shops, a total of 1161953.31 yuan Commission,

StoreDot company is located in Hertz Leah City, founded 5 years ago, now employs 75 people. The company is based on the synthetic research, through the purchase and custom equipment, established in synthetic organic chemistry laboratory, organic materials testing platform, high-speed rotary mixer, film substrate surface spraying machine, drying machine, robot battery electrode assembly machine, internal material properties of the battery charge and discharge test platform and battery change detection platform etc. small scale fast charging battery research and development, production and testing system, and use it to seek the optimal combination of fast charging battery materials.

Commission > 600 yuan 502 shops, a total of 2115026.84 yuan Commission;

Commission > 1000 yuan 327 shops, a total of 1980275.77 yuan Commission;


Commission > 400 yuan 727 shops, a total of 2223539.34 yuan Commission;

Commission > 3000 yuan 125 shops, a total of 1647821.32 yuan Commission;


surveyed in the Taobao customers to promote a total of 73710 stores, the Taobao store promotion may be in total in 40 or so, which is about 20 000 before July 2009 to join the promotion, is also 1 years ago, the survey focused on the tens of billions of passenger are more than 1 years ago has been involved in the promotion of more mature shop.

"when other companies will focus on the car battery in your car battery life on a single charge, our company is another way, the battery fast charging as their main direction, it changed the traditional thinking of rechargeable batteries. Now we prove that the chemical pathway can fully realize the fast charge of batteries. In the future, rechargeable batteries will be fully accessible to people." In the conference room of the StoreDot headquarters, the company is facing the Chinese Embassy in Israel, the Ministry of science and technology officials and a number of reporters stationed, the company’s founder and CEO, Rong ·, Mr. Mills Dov said. He believes that the essence of the car battery fast charge is to make the car’s endurance to "unlimited."".


in the 73710 stores in the last 30 days to produce commission expenditures of 15832, the proportion of 21.48%, which is all involved in the promotion of the shop, 8 is no 1 Commission within a month, a lot of high reputation shops do not generate commissions should have been spent promotion period, no longer become the object Taobao favored.

StoreDot has invested $66 million since its establishment, of which $20 million came from Chinese investors. Due to the need for mass production of mobile phone batteries, the company has nearly completed $50 million in financing recently

of these shops total expenditure 2791977.81 yuan Commission /30 days.

Commission > 500 yuan 582 shops, a total of 2158619.23 yuan Commission;

Commission > 800 yuan 399 shops, a total of 2044262.05 yuan Commission;