also asked Yongan for further explanation, use the scan code to unlock the way whether the infringement of the patent of others prior to the application, the existence of potential disputes; whether the issuer has other intellectual property disputes or disputes, whether there should be disclosure without disclosure, whether will have a negative impact on the sustainable management of the issuer. Are the relevant information and risks adequately disclosed?.



2 and the issuer Shanghai Yunxi Venture Investment Company Limited, Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co. Ltd. and other eight agencies decided to increase without pile sharing business investment cycle causes and then decided to terminate the reasonability and plan for future development in this field; the issuer terminated with eight institutional investors whether capital Jiangsu Yongan low carbon technology limited company to fulfill the statutory procedures, whether valid, whether with related conditions and terms, whether the issuer itself investment agreed without pile bicycle business in violation of the relevant agreement, whether there are disputes or potential disputes;






1 in the presence of system model of government investment in public bicycles and bicycle sharing without pile of business model in the city without bike sharing pile effects of the introduction of government investment in public bicycle use times on the government investment public bicycle dynamics, consumers, without post shared bicycle launch risk caused by government investment in public bicycle industry the issuer, the issuer’s industry operating environment has been or will undergo major changes, and the issuer’s profitability constitute a significant adverse effect;

IT orange 2015 annual inventory of the Internet venture of ice and fire report "the song" crazy and continued all the chips, orange IT relying on its own database, on 2015, venture investment, mergers and acquisitions of listed, and the 13 industry development, investment institutions, BAT layout and entrepreneurs Facebook content depth analysis faction. Mining under a tuyere, digging the truth of venture capital circles "winter is coming" from the data.

TechWeb from April 7th news reports, the Commission’s official website news, Yongan IPO share bicycle has been approved before the date of filing, sharing the first bike coming soon.





March 24th, the Commission’s official website hung out Changzhou Yongan public bicycle system Limited by Share Ltd prospectus, in the fierce competition and bicycle bike sharing Mobell ofo, no pile sharing business layout of Yongan bicycle listed with carry out in the second half of 2016, Yongan was known as the "first bike sharing"


3, the effect of pile without sharing bicycle industry risk and financial risk, the company future continued uncertainty of profitability and risk of a period of 5 years, not to renew the contract, the issuer investment sharing bicycle business is already or will lead to the issuer’s business model has undergone significant changes, whether or will the issuer’s continued profitability have a significant adverse effect on the bike and sharing; company does not constitute a risk related substitution and direct competition "reveal whether accurate, whether full disclosure of relevant information and risk. Please sponsor representatives to issue verification opinions.

Yongan branch company, Changzhou Yongan public bicycle system Limited by Share Ltd motherboard issued by the audit has been adopted. However, the issuance committee still made inquiries to the Yongan bank and asked Yongan for further explanation: