network, with the development platform of choice for Taobao shop. If you don’t have a Taobao shop, quickly get a general step is! So, you want to sell what products, even Adult supplies is also possible, and then engage in a shop in Mong Kok, is said to spend money; and then fitting, this point is very important no decoration, how line? The customer is very realistic, they will judge the degree of credibility of your shop according to the smooth degree of your wall, so you don’t have to brush, brush to find a few friends to help with the brush, brush to shone like diamonds. Finally left the promotion, do not worry about this link, it is impossible to let guest help you to do it, they are the greatest salesman in the world.

said at the end of 09, the auction with SP prodding, I believe that many colleagues have earned a bulging purse, full.

Merry Christmas, property in eight

This new

my view is that if the management does not change the index method, then the gem will move to 1000 points. As for when the 1000 points below, depends on the evolution of policy. Unless the registration system is shelved again indefinitely.

The history of the

until this morning when I wrote this article, the median earnings per share of the gem was still more than 100 times. Although officials often use the concept of average price earnings ratio, we think that the median earnings ratio is really significant.

forecast, is gossip; after watching a laugh, for reference only.

low of the previous low of 1779.18 points after the stock market crash of September 2, 2015 to break the record, the gem "overnight" back to before February 12, 2015, is also the last round of A bull market "the crazy stage" before starting.

Wangzhuan profiteering gimmick!

board, small board and gem, is due to the large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, private enterprises, and the prospect of the branch enterprises change unpredictably, plus bubble is too big, so the national team is difficult to take the tray, will not be out of the market.

stock review Wangzhuan forecast, the following three areas in 2010 will become the

above: Gem index, K line.



Rangers Association after evaluation, agreed that SEO will become the most fashionable method of traffic in 2010, of course, they also have a reason: 1.SEO does not need large investment, green and efficient, in line with the central energy-saving emission reduction policies. More than 2. chain to strengthen exchanges and promote the harmonious society. 3. black chain is a must, we and African countries preferential policies is mutually consistent.

first, the central bank monetary policy shift, the stage of the exchange rate trend, liquidity is tightening, the market interest rate increase; second, in order to prevent financial risks and restrain asset bubbles, financial supervision unprecedented, in the "three" function changes Eve into "ruthless than mode"; third the latest U.S. economic data, the Fed’s 6> support

this is like a residential area with 10 households, one family property is 1 billion yuan, and the other 9 are poor, but the average method can calculate their per household assets of 100 million yuan. Then, it’s ridiculous to push the spending power of 10 households with 100 million yuan per family.

continued to read "said money team" the original readers know every day, in recent years, we have been to the GEM stocks as Chinese and global asset bubble largest, and predicted that with the advance registration system, the super bubble rupture sooner or later.

we all know, the recent stock market fell two due to a large internal and can not be ignored:

According to experts on the .2010

two. Flow method:

in other words, the gem index hit a 27 month low,

above: Gem index week K line.

all the junk stocks experts agree that GG search advertising will become one of the most lucrative future terminal. Three selected the most profits terminal reason: 1. credible, as long as not being K, GG does not owe you advertising commission. 2. the price is high, as long as you can do a good match, a click on the search can even reach a few dollars. 3. has the advantages of simple operation, low threshold, if not to make friends, to rely on the blog can put search advertising to make money. The three reason, no wonder all station experts sought is fully deserve ah.

today May 9th at 9:58 in the morning, the gem index hit a new low of 1770.59 points.

is the first Adwords in October City preferential offer, then the crackdown vulgar three shots of surprises daxitaibei, life is really exciting!

laughing, masts of ashes to ashes; all in the past, and in 2010 three profit point.

three platform:

gem came in December 4, 2012, at its lowest point of 585.44.

, a terminal class:

so the question is: after the 27 month low, how will the gem index evolve in the future?

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