first website inside, I see too many enterprise station, only one page ranking, page is basically no echo. Like this kind of website how might be called a successful website, Shanghai dragon Er how to call Shanghai dragon er? If we cannot have the website page ranking, can not produce value for the website, it is rubbish ", the overall quality will outlast the website. Why is this a while, only the home page ranking of the website is still ranked? It is because all websites are such that the search engine was raped. Because the waste site is better than no website is better, so the search engine can only send spam sites in the front row, as if someone noticed the inside global website. This website will be heterogeneous easily by search engines to improve the weight, soon surpass another part of the site.

The second is the whole

network marketing, network marketing is the whole Shanghai dragon in a ring, we also need other marketing methods to promote Shanghai dragon. In fact, other means of marketing is invisible can produce good effect on Shanghai dragon. For example, our enterprise advertised in CCTV, people to search for our company. This search engine will think our company is a group of audience, right is very high in this area. For example, we use video marketing, we share some of the things uploaded to the video site.

the only home page ranking, what is the inside pages not ranked first is the reason? We only pay attention to the core keywords ranking, the core keywords row up to prove their strength, can complete the task assigned by the boss. The fact is that some Shanghai Longfeng operators did not seriously in the page ranking, in the pages of the factors not considered in the structure of the site, in the allocation of resources is not considered in the page to rank, all the resources tend to the home page. Finally, some owners to Shanghai dragon business to Shanghai dragon service company, Shanghai dragon service companies only pay attention to the speed and money, so they are unlikely to do so well, as long as a few key words up with several of the above situation, we hope it doesn’t happen again in the body, because optimization the website needs global problems.

first to explain to you what is called global vision, global vision in my eyes is divided into three aspects, the first is the need to have a combined score for the entire site, a truly successful web site is a combination of a very high score, not only one or a few high-quality pages, it is each page is fine too elaborate design, can provide users with the value of the page, this is to say that our vision to put the whole station. Second aspects of vision refers to the whole network marketing, the real success of the website can not rely on the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is a kind of method in network marketing. Third kinds of eye refers to the entire Internet perspective, we need to determine the basic trend of the internet. So I told you more explanation.

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