method based on statistical word segmentation

the method of word segmentation, search engines will need a large number of calculations, such as probability words adjacent to the most of a phrase in what place, users will find what kind of content in the search for a word or words, this is the search engine based on the method of judging standard. Able to respond quickly to new words, such as when a news hot words, many people will use this word to search the word, such as baby, such as medicine industry and so on, if the search engines have nothing to say to these words, then the user will not use this garbage search engine

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segmentation algorithm is for love Shanghai, because Google is not sensitive to the word segmentation technology, so in the Chinese search market, Shanghai has been the leader in love, results are returned by the user is more useful, so if we do website optimization is mainly aimed at the Chinese groups, then understand love Shanghai’s segmentation technology is very necessary! Here we have to explain the specific love Shanghai word

in this case, we can do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization >

for the word segmentation technology, we do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we should combine this principle in terms of the target page on the choice of keywords, not artificial words, unless you can create "Everything is nothing" can be popular on both sides of the Changjiang River word, otherwise it is very difficult to get traffic, even if you can the website rankings to the first page, it will not work! But for vocabulary, love Shanghai search results may not return the results, so your site will not be included, so in the choice of keywords must be based on common words to choose according to the dictionary word


I done before the word segmentation algorithm in segmentation tester, technology is not the love of Shanghai’s strengths, but through the application of word segmentation technology of the third party in their web search, word segmentation is mainly based on the content and function words segmentation, find useful to users of these words are often referred to as the keywords. The segmentation technology understanding, so that we can improve the site keywords specified effectively, but also help to improve website ranking

: a matching method based on dictionaryThis is a kind of ! !Usually

according to user search words according to word in dictionary is split, if able to match the success can be cut into a word, and then according to different directions, the word is divided into two types, the way forward and backward, forward in matching, and according to the words of different lengths and subdivided into maximum matching and minimum matching two ways! The degree of integrity, the word segmentation technology mainly depends on the dictionary and the latest update of


in general, Chinese word love Shanghai is two kinds of matching methods based on dictionary and statistics, these two methods did not exist alone, but the relationship of mutual influence of

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