website weight is always an issue of concern to everyone, many people are aware of such a noun, but actually refers to what few people can specifically clear. Love the Shanghai encyclopedia explained: website weight refers to the search engine to the site (including web pages) would be given authority value to the website (including web page) the authority of the evaluation of a website, the higher the weight, the share in the search engine’s weight is larger, the search engine rankings is better, improve the site weight. Not only conducive to the site (including web pages) in the search engine’s ranking, but also improve ZhengZhan flow, improve your trust so as to improve the weight of the website is very important. Weight is the important site in the Shanghai dragon in the authority.

as we all know, the website weight is very important for ranking website, so enhance the website weight is to focus on our website optimization process in certain things. When it comes to ascend, certainly a lot of people do not know how to start, of course, there are a lot of people talked about some of the methods, today I according to some of their own experience to talk about the rapid increase in the first method the weights of the website: content shortcut. I hope that we can love. I always believe that the quality of the content is the best way to improve site weights. The content has been optimized in the all Shanghai dragon creed. The weight of a web site is very high, most of the time with our website the number of original articles, the number of users to browse articles worth reference, how many users to enjoy the relevant content. To quickly increase the weight of the site, the first we should do the content on the website.

some people say that the original content is the best, I do not agree, because this argument is one-sided, we think of a piece of original articles out of order and a classic article copied directly who is more readable here? I think the original is high quality of the original, so that we can to the promotion website weight up. But the original is the most difficult, and most of the time, many people talked about the pseudo original, in no time no energy to do the original time is also a very good way to improve the weights of the website. A pseudo original, many articles in front of me are talking about here, a simple summary, pseudo original need is: the method of content resources + pseudo original. These two aspects to grasp your pseudo original content is not worse than the original number.


1, the original

2, practical and real


article is well written, not writing, people say, is the user to say. Good article, is not a bubble, look Ambilight, actually a stamp on the break. Especially in some of the more specialized knowledge website, the authority, must pay attention to the authenticity of the contents, the practicability is particularly important in the article, the user to our site is to acquire knowledge, to get information. The real practical content is an occupation literacy must be a webmaster, not in order to optimize and wantonly making a mess of some knowledge, this is the self.

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