long tail keywords

first, choose the optimal target keywords: in Shanghai love to search related words, if the search results do not contain love Shanghai love Shanghai know, love and know Shanghai or target keywords have a certain gap, is the word we can as the optimization target.

For example: we

Shanghai for their products as everyone knows love is always good rankings: love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love to know the Shanghai Encyclopedia of Library and so on, do not need any optimization can have a good ranking, why don’t we go to the

to do the long tail keywords, said, the home can optimize the words limited, generally put up 2~3 the long tail is very good, more long tail keywords, it depends on the site list page, the inside pages to do this for some new sites or the development of a long time the station is very difficult, because a is your website, many pages search engine not included, but what about the ranking, two is the site overall weight, the weight of your website domain name is very low, even included the inside pages, there is no weight, it is difficult to do, unless you spend a lot of manpower to optimize, but the input-output ratio is The loss outweighs the gain.

then, after determining the good words, we will begin to move. Prepare 2 love Shanghai account, an account is a question answer, answer account, account level to grade 4 or higher, this will ensure that you love Shanghai know there is good rankings, this is the love of Shanghai know about ranking in the rules. Ask questions with the account, and then over a period of time, 2~3 days time, after waiting for other people to answer this question, then the answer you account to answer questions, add a name to promote the optimization of the process of answering your website or domain name, a few days, with the adoption of your account questions answered, and with the reason that adopted in the remarks, let others look at the sense of.

website optimization promotion, the home page ranking do go up and this is one of the basic work, because the weight is limited, can do it a few words, and more long tail keywords is more important, they can bring more conversion, and today I will talk: the art of love Shanghai know ranking.

today and share with you how to use love to know to do the Shanghai rankings ranked

in search of the concrete construction organization design scheme, the search results of love Shanghai know the answer with a question just dip a little edge, so that we can choose the word optimization, if we choose the word "construction design", then love Shanghai’s search results have been found the construction organization design of relevant search results, so we go to do the word will not be displayed, this is due to the love of Shanghai know the decision ranking rules.


love Shanghai know for us to provide a good platform for the long tail keywords ranking, especially sex Shanghai optimization promotion.

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