do what good? It won’t lead to the relevant page spider will go? In fact, now the search engine more and more intelligent, as long as there is a link to that place, he will go, not to say a lot of links to a place like

well, the above is a my superficial understanding, do not know right, we can discuss

predecessors with links to URL what are the benefits? Can increase the density of keywords, and will not appear the same words linked to different local conditions, when I just found out that this practice is still very do not understand why they do not add links, the two is the analysis to the above I think

!This is not

two can increase keyword density on the website! Of course, the density is also a degree, not to say that the more the better, to hold their own, below 8%

but we inevitably do this situation. Especially the blog website will generally display the latest articles and many friends have used to the label and the classification of calls displayed on the home page, and also add a link to

is the site of the classification and the same is true in the establishment of classification when we should pay attention to this problem, the primary key and try not to the same

website! !In fact, >! ! !

is a key link that can always only

everyone to see the site of some of their predecessors can find a problem, they will also be the case, but they are processed, for example or the above example, why they can, can’t we? It is because we do not have to deal with the link, you will find these labels on their website TAG, or keyword classification is in place, they did not add links, text only display

should be no problem! !

! !

many of my friends have a habit of writing, is the keyword of the website as a label, for example, I wrote an article, write on the label: Chongqing Shanghai dragon, but do not know if you want to have thought. Your label links to what place? If the main keyword is: when the site is Chongqing Shanghai dragon, what will happen? There will be a keyword corresponding to two different links, because we are the main body of keywords refers to web page, but the the label is a collection of search, so that the same word refers to the method body in different parts of the link, I think it is not ideal for the optimization of the

said here mainly is how to label and website main keyword classification and article site of the same optimized

The only

I said here the key link is a link to URL website group within the keyword, the chain is not referring to, we must distinguish between


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