The effects of reduced pop adsWhen you use

1, simplified site content and structure

and computer to access the site, mobile phone access speed of download is much slower, so the mobile phone website to your own web page number and page size down to the most, "too big too many pages will increase the consumption of mobile phone traffic, the time is relatively long, it is easy to let mobile phone users do not have the patience to close", bring good browsing experience. The content of the website will be simplified as much as possible, to focus and function of their own, more simple and more convenient for users, users see the content and structure of simple, will have a further understanding of the idea, so we can say that the content and structure of the simple mobile phone is the primary work of website optimization.


intelligent mobile phone at home, mobile phone use by more and more people to visit the site, to some extent, the mobile phone has replaced most of the functions of the computer, in view of the development of the market prices, many websites in the development process are gradually added to the mobile phone website, mobile phone can be used good access to the site. Today, mobile phone website explosive development, in order to obtain the survival in the fierce competition, we must do a good job in the mobile phone website optimization, the following Xiaobian to introduce the optimization method of mobile phone website.

In recent years, with the popularization of


mobile phone popular site, in order to obtain a better user experience, mobile phone website optimization is imminent, web structure only better and more concise, to keep the mobile phone users. These are small as the main method to introduce the optimization of mobile phone, simplify the site content and structure, reduce the window advertising, is very important to improve the user experience, I hope you need to do mobile phone website optimization friends see in this article can help, do their own mobile phone website and optimize their own the web site.

in computer access to the web, will pop out all kinds of advertising, let a person look very upset, so the mobile phone website you need to learn from this experience, in the optimization should also pay attention to this problem, reduce advertising popups, that the user was not loved to see the pop-up ads, pop-up ads is to turn off, and advertising popups appears more often will let users feel the cost of traffic and reduce too much time browsing the web.

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