(two) to control the daily release of

1, the content of the post, whether the quality of the needs of users.

2 post, whether there are AD, if there is not reply, lest be deleted, cause we lost the chain.

usually in addition to the daily update and learning, most of the time is free. This situation will make many webmaster develop such a habit, a time is a lot to post reply post, a day to do hundreds of thousands of the chain, feel the effect is very good. But the second day is very busy, no time to do outside the chain, a chain not to publish, so long time no law to release the chain, the effect is often negative, because such links are easily removed, save up is relatively easy, so I called we regularly to release some outside the chain of high quality, high quality reply posts, ensure the stability of the chain enough, so as not to appear outside the chain of days after the loss, brought unnecessary trouble.

(a) on the quality of Posts

the number of control released every day


3, post reply frequency is high enough, usually better post regeneration is high, and it is also the latest posts snapshots, because the spider crawling back to the regular to grab, especially that of the contents of the serial post is the best.

we reply to a post, although it is simple to leave our site links, but with the love of Shanghai to the quality requirements of the post is more and more high, BBS collected is also used to strict than many, so we need to find some high quality post reply, the only way to ensure the quality of our signature chain and stability. Usually for judge the quality of a post which is divided into several situations:

believe that every webmaster in addition to the daily maintenance of the site outside the chain, the daily work is also essential, however in the chain of increasingly narrow path of Internet, BBS signature chain is undoubtedly one of our preferred owners, after all such links included strong, good quality, and when we do the chain without consideration will be deleted, but with updated search engine algorithm constantly, for the chain requirements is also more and more high, so is the forum signature chain, then in 2012 we do BBS signature of the chain, the need to pay attention to what? Here I share with you.

we all know the number of BBS signature of the chain is by the number of our reply posts in the forum to decide, which also created many lazy webmaster opportunistic, use some tools to a large number of releases, reply posts, one-time can release a lot, perhaps after a small update to love Shanghai will feel the effect is very good and in the US, after the release to query are also included, but often.

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