store baby features:

1 system intelligent call back: through the PPC call system, mobile phone users request, the system calls back to the mobile phone users, that is, mobile phone users as called, so

shop baby’s main function is a line of work, one ring, then one ring operation.

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use store baby software conditions: have their own Taobao shop, shop goods as a kind of. That’s why the baby’s software is not easy to use. On the condition, we can see that it is a software invented for Taobao’s new home. So, if you’re new to me as you were, you might as well try.

      can greatly save the user calls long distance calls many mobile phone users use the called monthly fee, the cost is almost zero, while the PPC call system can set up mobile phone users

just wanted to earn some extra money when he graduated, so he opened a shop on Taobao. At first, I was happily, was finally able to have a shop of their own. But after a long time, I found that I could not afford it. As the saying goes, money all over the world, no money can’t do anything. The shop sold, but also take the supply of funds, this day was xinrudaoge.

The use of

buyers order – baby shop active purchase – store baby warehouse received notice – goods from the warehouse logistics channels sent out. This is the baby store function implementation process. I will do one by one to make a specific explanation.

common WAP pages can also be directly embedded in the phone number, click to call after the call function, but it has the following disadvantages:

software to store baby what conditions? Its function is how to achieve it? Let me this is not the veteran little shop to tell you about it! Open shop, plus I can not understand 381713669 professional guide novice shop, kanenori package.

      PPC point of view characteristics;


      2 to count the length and number of call: traditional direct dialing is the user clicks directly after expiration, without intermediate call system, the number of statistics can not call time and call, the advertising provider unable to customer statistics and evaluation provide advertising effect, can not be filtered short time invalid call.

      PPC point to the process are: mobile phone users access point to launch PPC WAP website, PPC advertising system will automatically match the potential consumer demand and corporate advertising, guide the user sends a call request received by the PPC system call user request, according to the information included in the request connected with the enterprise customer service center, and mobile phone users, both to answer the phone, call the system PPC to establish a virtual line through the server, the enterprise customer service center and mobile phone users began to call.      

1, buyer orders. Under order of buyers >

The disadvantages of

may be God pity it, by chance, met the baby, a help online shop rapid growth software. I took it for only 600 yuan. Store baby can automatically purchase, processing orders, delivery, but also in charge of logistics. For a long time, the store baby is like my online assistant. With the help of baby software, I don’t have to go to the wholesale market to buy goods. I can concentrate more on the store promotion. After four months of hard work, I finally earned a considerable income, the shop also from the heart into a drill number. That’s the biggest help for new people. This is also I want to tell new people the first experience: open physical shop, you can choose shop baby similar software to help set up shop, no, the shop is difficult to get on the right track.

many people have taken the online shop as part time job, because it is easy because it is convenient because it can make itself full of confidence. Does that mean it’s easy to open an online shop? That’s never the case. Shop is like a big tiger on the reverse side, it seems simple and convenient, but really do find a truth: money is not easy. I’m a prime example.

from the wholesale market, the goods can not be returned, and can not sell, a large sum of money so no.

    1 mobile phone users need and call waiting time to pay a higher fee: traditional direct dialing is the mobile phone after the user clicks as the calling expired, if the mobile phone users and customers are not in the same city, mobile phone users need to call the main long-distance calls take higher, while mobile phone users need to wait a long time the customer service center on customer service, mobile phone users need to pay a higher cost of time.

      PPC point of view, that is, Pay – Per – Call, is a new wireless advertising format for charging ad charges per call. The basic flow of PPC point of advertising is advertising provider on the WAP website for corporate clients advertising, mobile phone users to click on ads, by PPC call system connected with corporate clients and mobile phone users, and then the two sides call costs by the enterprise customers according to the incoming effective amount paid to the advertising business. PPC point of view, from the point of view of charging mode, precision marketing will further deepen the effect.

direct dialing

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