fourth: the site outside the chain of work. This part of the work content and the site is very similar, but not the same mode of operation. Pointing to the web site outside of the chain of URL is the main domain optimization station, then what is the keyword? Keywords is more than site traffic > off

second: site interior decoration (key). From the home page of the title settings. Here we must first be clear, which brings large vocabulary flow, which words will bring clinic. This is a lot of optimization division did not pay attention to the problem, here, for a keyword analysis and choice for everyone in detail. Site to bring a lot of traffic words have symptoms, nursing, * * * treatment, these words are large flow, so these words can bring out? The answer is not necessarily. Love Shanghai search engine more and more is that interference, so some keywords is by some tools and means of operation, and optimize the division to avoid these ways, find the most appropriate keyword. Small summed up some key words is to bring the clinic. For example: 贵族宝贝 Beijing tuberculosis hospital that the website "title _ Beijing tuberculosis hospital for tuberculosis hospital which good _ _ lung specialist best Beijing tuberculosis hospital" these three words have three words, is all about the hospital, Xiao Bian think it is not good, the subject can write such words "the treatment of pulmonary lung disease symptoms _ _ Beijing tuberculosis hospital, treatment on symptoms, the hospital can improve the network keywords, search volume, web site at the same time, the hospital and the symptoms of these words is to bring the core keywords clinic two.

third: medical website promotion. Medical website promotion not just outside the chain. When the site planning stage, will be the main push of the disease and treatment method, in the process of popularizing in need of core technology and the main diseases, hospital treatment superiority and so on, these data published on the web, improve the site’s visibility and exposure.

: first the site structure is very important. Love love Shanghai spider site structure clear, each thread will have to not get lost when this love in Shanghai spider climbing sites, lost will never return to the spider visit your site. So, the site at the beginning of design, it is necessary to communicate and technical part, div+css format is the most love Shanghai love way. There are navigation settings. Submit a site map. Tag tag call. Use the alt attribute and so on.

small engaged in medical website optimization has 2 years of experience in medical website optimization has some of his own views, here to share with you some experience, hope to have the help of being engaged in medical website optimization friends here. Well, now we began to tidy up the medical website from the beginning of planning to optimize, what are used in the core technology. Especially for the love of Shanghai after the big update, why many website was K.

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