last 2012 into the Shanghai dragon industry to remind of the website is the website space space selection problem, the most important is stable, unstable space will not only cause the site to drop right, site slow, may also be at the crucial moment the ball dropped to lose a fortune head loss. The above is the basis of knowledge needed for some new friends of Shanghai dragon industry, of course, there are more of the secrets of Shanghai Longfeng people need to explore. In the new year, I wish the new and old Adsense good luck in everything, the > Xinxiangshicheng!

The new owners

to have the law, not three days fishing nets two days of drying. Don’t the time no matter how many of the chain, a substantial increase is prompted by a sudden impulse outside the chain, it is not wise. Increase the chain is long and need to work. With the change of the chain of the site and included and weight can be said to be closely linked! Because of changes in the chain of inexplicable easily identified search engine cheating, once identified as cheating sites on the fate of

new station on the line do not rush to submit to the search engine, in the process of building a new novice, there is always a very eager to make the search engine included ideas as soon as possible. Often on the site before fully completed is submitted to a search engine, so it is not advisable. Even after the submission of the site immediately be included in search engines, if more of the home improvement process in the website of the revision is also likely to be search engine again down the right, so The loss outweighs the gain..

page keyword density, also need to pay attention to my website, e-commerce learning network is electronic commerce industry website, you can look at the keyword density, take a keyword, such as e-commerce, so the best e-commerce learning "the key words on the front page of the density of 1% – 6%.

as can be imagined!The The construction site of

in the chain is very important, the chain site construction can be carried out in many places, the navigation bar, home page, column page, content page is the construction of the chain in the required place. Learn how to use special fonts for the construction of the chain can be focused on spiders. And not to ranking keywords stack, so even if we get the ranking is short.

The construction of the chain of

Shanghai dragon is a broad and profound industry, although the Shanghai dragon industry "chain for the king, the contents of the emperor", but these eight seemingly simple words which actually contains a very wide range of knowledge, I think no one can fully understand the mystery. So this is a need to learn to explore the industry. Don’t blindly arrogant little progress that they know the true meaning of the Shanghai dragon.

website content to the original or false original, repeat the information on the Internet too much, the search engine will not consume the resources to save the contents included and high repetition. If a website has collected content too much, want to get good rankings completely and it is easy to tell some fantastic tales by the search engine, right down to.

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