what kind of website is really good website? Excellent website one of the most basic guideline is rich in content and quality. Moreover, only the rich content of the site, users and search engines will love. There is no doubt that only high-quality content is the site of the flesh and blood of the soul. An empty site, even if the site rankings, visitors come over, if not find quality content, it will eventually give up. Then from the site itself, the focus in the website optimization, enrich the content of the website also is a key link in website optimization.


site itself optimization based on, is much more than the rich content so simple. Excellent web site is not only rich in content, and must ensure safe and stable operation. Because only in this way can be wonderful perfect show to customers and excellent website search engine; its programming must be very standard, because only standard procedures to ensure site safety and fast. The website construction program with search engine specifications, the loading speed can keep stable operation, but also rich in content and more original content. A website can do well, the quality has been slowly.

good search engine rankings, many website construction and production staff chasing dreams. Because now has more than 80% Internet users, find the site when it is not in the input URL address bar, but most of the time is through such love Shanghai, such as Google search engine. This need not remember dull and boring English letters, and the same keywords, also can retrieve more information. After ten years of rapid development of the Internet, search engine has quietly become a important way of Internet users into the kingdom. From the website construction and website production company, and the head of the perspective, who do not want their website more to be found? Because that means you can get more attention, increase the flow of the same benefits to rise will.

first search engine, when the search market fast, website optimization also began to perk up. Believe that the original intent of the website optimization, by constantly improve the quality of site to get the favour of search engine, make website weight lifting and ranking to improve. Its focus is on the site, not just stare at the eyes of search engine. Now a lot of peers and site construction personnel, seems to have had a deviation on the understanding of the website optimization, more and more people start from the perspective of a search engine. Take a quick and easy method to rapidly promote weight. So have the order reversed behavior not only violates the principles of fairness and justice, as the site construction workers also neglect the most basic common sense, what is the purpose of our website? Just for the search engine? We can from the following three do a reflection.


reflection two: search engine how to view and determine the site quality of

: a reflection on what kind of website is really good website

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