for the success of the website, must have very good keywords ranking, and to attract users to click, but in the station by user experience, the user visit became the site of a user. So, for the website ranking, we must daily analysis, and enter the site through the keyword for the user, so at this point, we must analyze and floating rankings for keywords of the station. Suggested that the ranking target keywords every three days to record the entire station.

we usually have 8 parts for website monitoring. That is the website ranking, keyword ranking, website, website chain, website weight, web spider, keyword conversion, website traffic etc.. Next, we make a thorough analysis of the 7 part.


, 5 for

1, website ranking

1, the website chain

is usually included in the site, that is recognized by the search engine to the site, and that the visit of the spider is very diligent. And the content of the website is fresh for the search engine. Usually, included is good or bad, is a good website weight accumulation. For the quality of the soft, the general weight accumulated more quickly. Suggestions for the website included, a daily record.

second, URL hyperlink.

first, the anchor text (< a href= "贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝" title= "XXX" > xxx/a>.)

site, the general definition is that Search Engine >

for the website ranking, we must constantly monitor, because a website ranking is good or bad, is inevitable for web site operators, and the optimization results of the recognition. Recommendations for monitoring website ranking, we are generally a week or two weeks to observe and record.

website weightThe weight of

third, text URL. Then for the chain, is a necessary way to site drainage, is also the site from the sandbox, buffer period, one of the necessary means of optimization. Recommendations for the pre site outside the chain, must be a daily record of

generally, when the site from the line, usually through four periods, namely the sandbox of buffer period, rising period, and the peak period. However, for the four time, we are in Shanghai Longfeng program strategy, and the implementation of the latter part of the program, how to get results? This topic, Dongguan Shanghai dragon blog will discuss the website monitoring for the association of Shanghai Longfeng strategy with you

website external links, usually show in three forms.

, 2 for keywords ranking

3, for the website included

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