so, as long as you have another trusted WEB resources, you can provide useful and line links and can continue to browse the content for your users. If you’re not sure of a site’s credibility and authority, so you can "nofollow" this link, the user can click browse, but do not tell the search engines crawl the link.

can add your link to the page content, whether in the column page or column page (internal links) or influential in the industry platform (external link), this is a good way to understand the expression of related topics for readers. Here we say these two strategies benefits.

is a kind of internal link optimization, to increase the user’s navigation path and web page propagator is useful to the user. These elements will help to improve the user experience, so that users can spend more time on your site, because users find more valuable content on your site, to facilitate their inquiries, reading.

internal links

In addition to the

if you think your site does not meet these things, I suggest you have to check your site content at present, rather than continue to fill some worthless pages to the site. To be familiar with these strategies and put into practice.

external links

internal and external links

in addition, over saturated Web links is not good, the search engine might think you are in favor of the system. Keywords similar to one of the internal and external links should be intermittent to prevent, as long as the content is of significance to the user.


hopes that this article will change the orientation and construction of your web content in time to build their own websites, users and search engines will change because of your appreciation.

internal links can be using hyperlink colors, is the best way to anchor text. Although you can use the keywords, but it is recommended to select natural sentence fragments, with its link to the page.

to do these things is to improve the user experience, you should ensure that no link failure is left. If you don’t watch your effective links, search engines may choose to put your check from the search results link that is link failure. You can easily find these detection tools, including 404 error, love Shanghai search analysis etc..

in the internal and external links, if you want to own the website to leave a link in the external, need to pay attention to some possible mistakes.

link to their sub category page, can also leave their external links to outside. Why? Because the link points to the authoritative and trusted website called is to promote the ranking of Web links, the popularity of this represents your site outside.

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