below we have a detailed look at the "arch-criminal bounce rate leads to the site"


2. serendipitously ranked

what is unexpected is the keyword keyword ranking? We optimized, when searching for other keywords can also be matched to our site, so when the user enters our site, that is not related to the content, naturally out of, not only access process, bring IP there is no effect. The only effect is to enhance the website website popup rate, but this is not what we want.

website bounce rates are relatively high in leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 are experiencing problems, but there are many reasons for this problem, are some of the more common problems, I’m trying to solve these problems to reduce the rate of jump out of my site, so here the reason recorded, to remind you to encounter the same when the problem, can be used as reference.

don’t mention it, I hate this website, often as long as it jumped out of the window, I don’t usually stay for more than two seconds, we believe that this is also a lot of people, through the site to profit, advertising is an indispensable part, but I think we should do to check for good, you get through the window advertising a little profit, but you can erase the hearts of the user experience, the truth is not worth! Only one thing is certain, the content of your site so eager to the needs of users is very large, like the movie heaven, even if each page has a pop, but at least I still will pop off, and then to find the resources you want.

1. is the most boring to jump out the window


chain is a part of our optimization process is essential, sometimes in some large-scale forum, classified information platform for publishing, it is necessary to pay attention to the classification must be selected here, such as your "mother" article, you sent to the "network construction", there are a few people will see, even if someone see and a few people will not jump out? Moreover, self introduction Shanghai 4.25 chain chain rules, this quality is very low, do a lot of things are useless, but also enhance the website popup rate, it is the lost wife of another soldier


4. do not discuss the love Page >

optimization of a web site on the web site regularly for data analysis, the site in the process of analysis the bounce rate is an important index, it often suggests that our users are not interested in, or our website in some problems appeared on the error, which directly involves the website users experience, and our ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is the user experience, if it is not a solution, like sailing against the current, or.

3. users are facing the crowd

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