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network traces included: love Shanghai spiders also find new keywords in the traces left on the Internet, so set up shops in the B2B release of new products, the establishment of micro-blog keywords in social networking sites, is a good way to leave a trace.


through the above analysis, we want to find how to effectively make the new keywords in the search of love Shanghai. According to some experiences of the author, there are some main methods are as follows:

site included: general, a new web site, all have their own position, what is the web site? Site is mainly for those users? The information website title and description to reflect. So, if the new site has a clear positioning, then the site should soon be loved in Shanghai included, key information will also appear in the search results.

is an important lesson in how to choose keywords search engine optimization. Keywords selection of conventional methods including product keywords, keywords, product brand keywords, keywords, keywords and so on industry competition. It seems that we choose the keywords keywords are already exist, we need to do is to make your website keywords search results rankings. Then, the new words, how should we deal with


keyword optimization needs analysis

news text included: quality, regular content, tend to be optimistic about the love of Shanghai. So if the keyword appears in the mainstream news media, so in Shanghai love to appear in the search probability will increase exponentially.

routine, Shanghai dragon should avoid keyword rare, because the more obscure words, the probability of active users search more small, create new keywords had no one in the Internet, so a new keyword is uncommon keywords. But, sometimes, we have to optimize the new keyword. For example, the establishment of a new company, the new brand keywords need to be optimized; such as a new product release, new products also need to optimize the key words; and in order to reduce the effect of negative information, some rare names also need to optimize. Also, a new industry, also has a large demand for new keyword optimization. Optimization of new words, we first need to figure out how to deal with the new love, Shanghai search keywords appear in the internet.

logic love Shanghai included new wordsThe

method creates a new


news source: love Shanghai approved a keyword, the keyword is also fancy can contribute to high-quality content for the Internet, love Shanghai spiders are keen to find information on the source of news, general news source if it is key, the key word is love Shanghai for more preference.

encyclopedia entries included: entry, as the name suggests is a collection of words, especially the new words. So, as long as the establishment of new entry in Wikipedia, love Shanghai tend to be quickly included.

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