site optimization of several target

What to do

love Shanghai search engine to the webmaster, web page design is the main consideration of the user, rather than search engine, will the user experience in the first place, this suggested that many Shanghai dragon ER in mind for doing anything to the user, with the user’s favorite, more and more attention to the value of content, do a good job "content is king", this is a big dipper thing, it will make new Shanghai dragon Er ignore the other side of the site optimization, structure optimization, ignoring the content is based on good website structure, no good structure, good dry cargo can only be the no echo, spider crawling. So do website structure optimization is a prerequisite for the normal development of the website, do not pick a watermelon seed lost, just as the content, do website structure optimization can also improve the user experience, can To make the site grow.

Nofollow is the webmaster of the most used, and the use of nofollow is to avoid unnecessary weight are dispersed, and the website structure optimization is also in order to better weight distribution is reasonable, make important pages high conversion rate to get more weight, to get better ranking, get more traffic, rather than necessary or not essential page sitting on the sidelines watching, so Shanghai dragon ER in conscious planning website all pages of importance, make the best use of it.

web page collection depends largely on the good website structure, Shanghai dragon Er often say, web page on the home page three to four clicks to all links to the website home page, this is a good site navigation, breadcrumb navigation clear navigation bar, is to increase the spider crawling to increase website included, many website column page is perhaps not included because no entrance weight is too low, leading to a spider crawling.

1, the search engine friendly (avoid spider trap)

site structure

user experienceThe

is a search engine friendly topic search engine is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, in order to find the page to crawl the page, the index page for a line, so don’t insert unfriendly to spider elements in the middle, mainly refers to the Javascript link, the link in Flash and I>


Reasonable weight



user experience, with the plain words, that is when users visit a website without thinking can find the information they want, it is the site of the white paper on the quality of engine accessibility and browsing experience with web search, accessibility: love Shanghai search engine from the normal open, limit authority, effectiveness of the three aspects of judgment web accessibility, browsing experience: the user wants to see a clean, easy to read web pages, layout confusion, too much advertising will affect the user access to the main page content, good user experience can be a smiling man city.

included increased

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