love Shanghai entry is not enough, because my word level is not good, love Shanghai entry wrote ten times has not passed, think are sad ah, said let everyone joke, submitted to the rear is the poor readability is containing advertising information, this is the way to think about as soon as possible. Through, I feel this is a very important factor to obtain the weights of the website.

first causes or domain name is not high enough, after all, just a few months of the new station, the weights of the domain name is limited, but for the new station with the new domain name is no way to approach. So it is recommended that you do the new in the best time to buy some old domain name, the domain name even if you are not so completely in love, but in order to optimize the effect we still have to make some sacrifices.

search engine for the new period becomes longer and more and more strict, the new station is difficult to obtain a stable keywords ranking in the short term, a recent optimization is a new natural is not easy to get ranked, this station is’ keywords Qingdao wedding photography ", through the optimization work two month, now a snapshot of the site have updated daily, and outreach also continued to increase, but the recent three day is Thursday Friday Saturday, keywords ranking considerable change, a morning afternoon ranked a ranking, ranking the big change for those doing the optimization of the blood. In view of this situation, I carefully thought about, sum up a few points to share with you, hoping to optimize the new station to help a friend.

The weight of

fourth is more content update, all is for the optimization of the station and another friend, in different sectors of some relative professional knowledge of them, so that most of them are relying on friends made some original articles, occasionally also send some articles focus on the optimization of keywords, this practice in the last two months that it is not enough, after all, website optimization or content is king. For enterprise stand for every day to send 1-2 article regular enough, if the portal station would need to depend on the specific circumstances of multiple.

third news releases are not doing, after all the optimization of the station more, it is impossible for a keyword to write high quality soft Wen, but this was ignored, the search engine will ignore you, I remember "Qingdao website optimization" when the word, wrote a total of 4 count is a high quality of soft Wen, the keyword is to have it, enough to see the importance of soft, this next step is also attention.

The second factor is the use of

fifth is the chain construction, one of the standard chain structure is also love Shanghai lifting weights of the railway station, so the new station must do within the chain construction, make internal links unobstructed, let all the web pages can be linked to the internal links, this love Shanghai can grab the page, put all the Web Pages site to grab! Here to do the link and site map.

The above five points is the >

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