careful friends see three advantages mentioned above, can clearly feel the log is a treasure in the technical aspects have certain achievements of the team, the characteristics of their products are quite distinct, so a team that did not carry forward

?One of the reasons why I think this is the log

may start on 360, Zhou Hongyi is perhaps now want to log treasure strong technical advantages, because from the current point of view, the log Po has 3 features, one is the daily analysis similar to the electric grid, according to the Web access log for routine analysis, data related to IP, such as URL browser statistics for individual webmaster, is a good helper. The second is the security audit, this is consistent with the main product and brand security 360, by matching the features of the virus and the safety assessment of the site and the corresponding security vulnerabilities, let the webmaster for website operators in the problem seriously and modify, avoid their website was hacked off the invasion and the loss of the. Third is the vulnerability scanner, depth of excavation can be difficult to find security vulnerabilities in your web site, and timely repair.

what is the significance? At the beginning of the new year

1 is a technology known, "

and the author’s first concern is the 360, because after the crash of 2012, 360 can be said that in the search industry strength early, many investors are more optimistic about the future growth of their own team, at this time, to improve the search function, will be the market strong reaction, but it is from a long-term perspective to the problem, then from the current situation analysis, log PO for 360

, the search industry is Love waves constantly, Shanghai emphasizes the wolf, into the mobile platform, the acquisition of 360 log Po, in the consolidation of security products at the same time, improve the search system, immediately into 2 billion rumors, a search team future is confused, but seldom linked soso, Sogou was heard by the news of the merger, then with this and Ali cloud, 2013 search environment can be said to be brilliant.


360 appeared to all this the development opportunity, as everyone knows, 360 in the data can be said to have their own set of methods, and the star product is to let the flow port extends from the PC to the mobile platform, based on a large user base nature of the data can be said to be an essential nutrition treasure development log from the point of view, some 360, and the acquisition of log Po relationships are more inclined to cooperate. And after the log treasure was acquired, will still operate in a stand-alone situation, from this perspective, the log for 360 more treasure:

treasure will be acquired, because the log of treasure in terms of technology is very tough, but the data is a short board. Now the products of science and technology industry, basically are fragmented as the starting point, and then rely on the development of big data, although the log Po line so far has billions of dollars of data records, but compared to the data transmission rate of the search industry, this background is very thin.

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