four, plans to actively sell or participate in link link

three, a link to low quality or junk website

website ranking, the most important factors of the rankings so if there is a web site title to write a unique title tag may be a negative signal number >


dawn blog website ranking is a web site to a low quality or waste site, in general, a website with a small amount of garbage is a link does not affect the ranking, but if a website for short-term rankings, and hold a lot of low quality links or junk links it is related to the ranking certainly.

five, the page title repeat or no label

One way to hurt

page two, similar or the same content

we all know, a good website, the content is very important. A website only good content to attract more users into the website. A poor site in the search engine page similar or the same content, for spiders, and not a friendly thing, if a user continuously opened some of the content on the website is the same, this will cause the user to lose confidence in the site, unwilling to open this website, so again. Now we write a love Shanghai love Shanghai original content, a series of algorithm changes, all illustrate this point.

, a spider often cannot access the website

every webmaster want to site after completion, can be rushed to the Shanghai love home in a few months, and then began to make money, this is every webmaster dream, but we have the goal, we should know more about how to make a website, can make the spider love healthy development. Love, let the user, this is the focus of our attention. The following is the dawn of Shanghai dragon which factors will make your site negative

search engine users hope they have a good experience. If your site is often not open for some reason, it will seriously affect the image of the site’s users in the course of time, love Shanghai will think you this site is of low quality website. This is a very serious problem.


many webmaster do a thing, that is to buy or sell links links, to achieve a fast home to by this means, before love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm has been very popular in the industry, and also led to some employment problems, as has been in the outside in front of the computer every day a lot of new chain work. The ranking effect is very obvious, but for search engines, which makes it impossible to determine which sites are of high quality, which is the site waste site, which seriously affect the ranking of specifications, behind the love Shanghai update algorithm after the Scindapsus, ranking rules is limited. A lot of selling links so greatly affected. The chain industry heat also decreased significantly. The search engine to the transmission link weight links for the purpose of selling is not love webmaster.

As one of the title

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