again: for the announcement, part of the company, the advertising part, by nofollow

second: "home page" keyword nofollow shield


in the figure above, we see that nofollow has arrived, in many large sites, has been blocked by a membership function, because the membership function to the spider crawling, not much meaning, if only to add some invalid beenincluded page, should guide the spider to crawl some valuable pages, often climb up the page will also produce a lot of weight accumulation.

Amoy shoes network, as the first major footwear B2C website, so on website structure optimization results certainly certain effect, so here, analyze the Amoy shoes Network on the use of nofollow technique, for the future to do a B2C site lay a foundation, because the nofollow in the construction site the process will become more and more important, the nofollow with the good structure of the web site is the most favorable, guide the spider crawling.

in the figure above, three parts were nofollow, which shows what? In fact, the overall global observation, you will find the page all Amoy shoes network, in addition to other products and Directory > page


: the top of the first page, "member login, the forum and membership function" by nofollow



, modify the embedding.

this one, with the Amoy > shoes; Nike official website store ", this way, without the use of the home page, similarly, is not to let the correlation and weight loss, so only the above-mentioned treatment.

in the above we see, Amoy shoes Network for a nofollow shield for the keyword "home", one is not willing to let the spider web page by page keywords, in order to prevent the loss of correlation, another point is to not let the weight after all scattered, if one is not relevant keywords appear, the ranking will have some impact, so the comprehensive consideration, and will be removed, and the home page, page, Amoy shoes again as follows in figure




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