1: the domain name as everyone knows had higher weight, the record of the old domain for love in Shanghai, so I spent a lot of trouble for the domain name, the specific method is: through the domain query tool industry into the same old website is to use expired domain domain name registration tool registered, then do a 301 redirect to the new domain name. Submit the revision rules in Shanghai Webmaster Platform love, love Shanghai since the launch of Webmaster Platform on reaction rate of 301 is very fast, therefore, in a few days to do 301 redirect the old domain name, weight quickly transferred to the new domain name.

Love Shanghai

optimization filed a new website, you must be the most troublesome thing. The Shanghai dragon ER have concluded in the long-term work experience: the search engine has a period of time the assessment of new online website, Google called sandbox, love Shanghai although the official did not confirm the so-called "assessment period", but many webmaster in the long-term work experience in the conclusion Shanghai has confirmed the love for new sites exist indeed in a certain period of time evaluation. Here, the recent several new operations, share a few new fast break period ranked Shanghai home to the method of love.

website if you want to quickly out of love of Shanghai sandbox to achieve good rankings of the search engine from the rules point of view, it is no good solution, the most taboo is a new station on the line outside the chain, but just the opposite effect if quick. Can we then consider another point of view, other sites using the "force" to achieve our

2: website structure, there is no good structure to have good ranking is tantamount to Arabian Nights. Some of this on the website structure is no longer long winded, is nothing more than a few people for having heard it many times: Web static URL catalog page H tag using columns inside chain settings and so on some basic problems.

3: new content focuses on leveraging the old domain name quickly have good rankings there must be a lot of original content into a new, advise you to write your own original content through the information industry. The daily average of about twenty articles of the original editor published to the website. The fact that included the effect is very good.

The new

Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience leveraging

4: the chain in the chain now more and more difficult to do in the case of the chain page has become a problem of Shanghai dragon. It is not good to buy their own hair the chain is said to be right down. The operation of the site outside the chain to take all the way to buy private owners, generally buy a private blog, no gray industry links such chances of being punished is very small. Control of addition link frequency, can play a very good effect to enhance the ranking.

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I do new sites before taking into account the business needs must break love Shanghai home page ranking assessment period. So the station place started to prepare the following:


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