[Second]: big update today is 2013 04 month 26 days, today I can say on the stand group has more than 400 ranking but not K, The whole army was wiped out., a large number of drop right, ranked at around 100, or outside 100. At the moment the mood maybe nobody can understand. Why readers today to see this article. This article has been finished after 4.26 day I don’t have time to release, because want to do a variety of reasons.

is perhaps the last year the Shanghai dragon industry had been inside the IT industry disappeared, and perhaps the Ya’an earthquake to occupy the network news headlines, like H7N9 are no longer concerned, haven’t seen major news of the Shanghai dragon. But yesterday Shanghai dragon world earthquake was unknown, the famous webmaster forum, the famous Shanghai dragon blog, can not find an article about this earthquake, I want to ask you: what qualifications do what training was in the bluff everywhere. Not overdo sth….

Description: 2500 stations are real maintenance, high quality pseudo original update, no cheating. I despise those who engage in gambling and the legendary hanging black chain group. Attach diagram (check only ranked top one hundred, the 0 may be outside one hundred:

asked several gray industry friends, they like me, this is also a massive fall right. Look at the eight ministries in 4.22 to begin to rectify the medical industry "eight ministries" rectification of false medical advertisements, especially for search engines. Shanghai is the first love should be targets. Finally, ask a good friend to work in Shanghai District bidding agents, he sent me a form to describe the "forbidden words strategy" to my mail is exaggerated, Shanghai internal rectification notice on love. The message is as follows:


[] the first major update: at the time of this team to maintain 2500 web sites is k only more than 400 stations have the rankings, I don’t know what is the 3.19 update algorithm, anyway, the most serious in the large-scale K station ever. Love Shanghai in 2.19 when we Scindapsus algorithm, did not affect the 3.19 large-scale K algorithm is Scindapsus aftershocks, just a shock to our data segment area. But anyway, as long as there is ranking, we have the confidence to do.

at the end of the more than 1000 station to do a ranking query. Most of the front page ranking site is right down to one hundred or so, and so it is with other industries. So >


be the first introduction, last updated five times with the sea, perhaps in the industry last year Shanghai dragon has ceased to exist, as everyone in all kinds of awful heave great sighs when, but there is one thing that is alive, the station group, here can survive for no explanation. For the two time big update 2013 I need to say:

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