and you are almost like somebody else weight website, long tail words they you are doing very well. Because of the weight, they can do it you can too.

three, two

two, two page layoutCompared to the

two pages a page, the weights will be slightly lower number. Then we can do some more simple words with two pages long tail. If your website weight is about 1 words long tail words, website can do some of the same weight.

mentioned above by the long tail words bring income for you, so choose the long tail word commercial use must understand clearly. For example: a ball valve price, how much money the machine performance is not certain, certain products and so on, these are the visitors want to buy some long tail words so to the search engine search. Can bring some income for you. Today I will tell you something about the long term arrangement.

The author uses a long tail word

everyone knows that the weight of the page level is relatively high, in addition to the home page, the weight of the rest is the page level is high. The long tail words we can use a page to do a little difficulty, the optimization effect will be better.

four, the long tail word three level Four page introduction

long tail words

general level pages are from some in the weight of about 3-4 words long tail site to find, because the weight is not high site competition long tail word they should also not be great, or you can’t do. We are using a page, compared ranking may be more than others.

generally do two domain words, the long tail word ranking also increased rapidly, like a page easy, as long as the long tail words simple words, will soon effect.

if your website weight is about 1-2, you could not do three pages long tail words, this time you can do long tail words with two level domain under consideration. As long as the two level domain name to bind a space on it. No record is also without domain costs, directly bind a new space, very convenient.

last time we choose "keywords I see (a) the long tail word choice" which has been mentioned is how to choose the long tail word, believe that many webmaster all know after watching the choice of words in the long tail. Of course, the method is dead people are living, a good selection of light is of no use, we will choose out of these long tail word set, the application to be flexible, bring the income in the future by the long tail words for you.

, a long tail word level page layout

words long tail domain arrangement

already mentioned above, the long tail words weight level pages do not the same, so, if you want to assign three level Four page, to a relatively high weight of the case can, otherwise it is difficult.

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