keyword is the wheel of fate to dominate the website, choose to have a very good help for the whole site keywords ranking and conversion rate; in the construction site before it should be according to their own industry location with your keywords, and keywords in table columns, from two to 1, key words: statistics the competition and value, 2, keywords in the web site layout, for the choice of keywords in addition to using keyword mining tools, can also refer to the same industry layout of the site, look at some of the same industry website, can let you have a deeper understanding of this industry, in order to pave the way for construction the following sketch.


will sketch out, then we can go to the website according to the sketch, it is best to have a reference site, if the program we need to write, it is bound to very heavy workload, on the basis of others "change

, for the reference of the same industry site

keyword mining and statistics, making and modifying the next thing to do is to sketch, the sketch is the simulation of the website, can use the drawing tools to some important sections listed, such as navigation on each column section is placed on the keywords, the content, and then fill the minor section, a sketch of the good after, can call others and put forward some suggestions, to see if they have what kind of views for his sketches, regardless of whether the other knows Shanghai dragon can make their comments, suggestions will be the focus of our sketch of improvement, only through deliberate modification, the outcome will be more perfect. The following simple sketch production:

does not have a website as the reference standard, completely imaginary estimation will make people become obsessed, imagination is very beautiful, but the real implementation, we will find many bottlenecks, according to your own experience, in the construction site should be looking for the same industry related sites, as their website reference sites, especially those optimization of the good website, where you can learn what functions can refer to, put some good things out, as a planning target of their website, can even refer to the same industry layout of the site; have a clear idea, will save the construction site in the back of a lot of unnecessary trouble.

, the two key wordsThe

how to build a consistent optimized site is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon dream personnel idea, but it is not so simple, the line on the website before feeling good, after the line on the website, this or that problems continue to appear on the website, a website not only need to have regressed to station, but also to optimize the thinking of Shanghai Longfeng reasonable, create a line of Shanghai Longfeng optimized site start from five points:

sketchAfter Mining and analysis of

four, according to the draft production site

Design and modification of

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