why want to write this article today? Because now I took several sites, love Shanghai snapshot is not very ideal, but there are still some sites keywords ranking is good, but to others and exchange friendship.

two love Shanghai snapshot and keywords ranking what


recently today often heard friends talk about a topic, how to make the website snapshot update, snapshot update the how to operate? Because they are part of the people in the company to work, the first is the website snapshot of many corporate executives see no update today, they think that the website snapshot update every day is good so, in order to keywords ranking to come up. Then love Shanghai website snapshot is updated every day, ranking will be good? I have to discuss with everyone under the topic of today: love and what is the relationship between Shanghai snapshot keywords ranking between

so first we need to understand what is love Shanghai snapshot, this I have also improve in front, here or simply introduced, each to be included in the web, fell in love with the sea are being a pure text backup, called "love Shanghai". Through this we can see that we love Shanghai snapshot of the site is included in the time. We look at this picture:

How fast the

love Shanghai snapshot and keywords ranking is not directly linked, as our webmaster, search keywords, often find many snapshots are not very new site ranking is also very good, so that love Shanghai snapshot and keywords ranking is not directly related, but from the side, love Shanghai update soon, that search engine spiders love this site, our site only by the spider love, then the search engine will give us a good ranking site. I am here to say that many of my friends have good keywords ranking, but not the kind of snapshot the next day, he was always searching for ways to make their updated snapshot up, I think this is not necessary, since your web site keywords ranking in, and why let love Shanghai snapshot update timely. Love Shanghai snapshot update is good, who all love, but not too many love Shanghai, and after all this is not directly related to the keywords ranking.

in the picture we can see a lot of information, the snapshot "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" standard yellow, that I of the search keywords is Wuhan Shanghai dragon, so that we can determine the layout of the keywords, can see now out of this page is the date of stay in March the 16th that behind me there is no out. These days the chain of hair is less, so the spider climb take my site also was not so diligent, this will depend on every day we go to the hair of the chain, the spider came to our site, the spider is more frequent, our website snapshot will update soon. Let love Shanghai every day snapshot update method in the previous article I have mentioned.


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