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Javascript also referred to as JS, it is the webmaster of a call to commonly used way, if the owners use this way to exchange links with other sites, it is purely deceive other webmasters, why do I say so? Because the use of JS script appears to Links, the search engine spiders at all can not identify, let alone not between website and website are transferred, so both owners after exchange friendship link, it is best to go to the other site to view the source code, see each other is to call our website in what form or code Links

according to the general situation, the website suffix usually have three, these three suffixes are index.html, index.asp, index.php, if the webmaster is not this index.html page, but with the index.asp index.php with the two one exchange chain link with you, that this time will be note that, because you may encounter a liar, they use index.asp or index.php which is a suffix page exchange with you friends of the chain, then banned in each big search engine spiders crawling and included, so that on the surface look like what no problem, but the fact that such a link could not transfer the weight.

some liar is on the front page and you exchange links, but not directly in the page file, the general framework of the link is in a iframe tag, and a call from don’t file, link to your eyes look at his website, can click on the link to your site, but in fact this what the link is not useful, because in the framework of iframe, so the search engine is not recognized, you can see him by viewing the page source code, see is not a link to your website in his source code, if not generally do not exchange with him not to exchange with him Links. Because the search at all can’t catch IFR>

) using non index.html "do Links, then stop the search engine crawl included

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three) the iframe framework Links add in web page

two) using JS script to deceive the owners, and search engines can not identify with weight transfer

it is in order to improve the Google PR value site, or to increase the weight of the site, so the site can have a good ranking in Shanghai love search, we all must have enough Links. Of course, when we change Links, most of the webmaster will sincerely cooperate very serious and responsible, but inevitably there are some webmaster love gimmickry cheat Links, below I introduce several in the webmaster in exchange Links in more common to the scam, everyone in the exchange process of Links we might compare the reference


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