is a second, related links each recommendation, this point is not only considered within the chain of health, is also related to the user experience and web page relevance, such as user search into our website, is looking on the internal link building techniques, and the search time for ranking pages only about a skill among them, if we do the relevant page recommendation, then we can guide the user to view other pages, increase the user experience. For a page to page more recommendation, can also enhance the importance of a single web page, this page ranking improved keywords.


1, the chain ecosystem

2, the chain ecosystem

finally, you most likely to be ignored, to stand outside the export link, the station is derived the link itself is very valuable, although more or less to the weight of the website caused some losses, but the search engine will give the "link initiator" points, get higher ranking score. For example, a page or an article citing some data or content, even directed users to a website, please do not mean a link, these links can not only increase the search engine trust for the website, but also bring a better user experience.

do not know now is how to treat the chain, I think if we consider the ecological system of the chain, the first thing to consider is the guide, only to the chain guide customer flow, its effect is the best, is the most valuable, so the chain is from the user’s point of view the can >

Hello, I am virtual son rain. A chance to see such a concept of link ecosystem ", people feel very in line with the needs of our Shanghai dragon worker, a web site is a life equivalent to the Internet, we need to build the Internet need to maintain an environment of the biological life, and environment of the link is the link structure. So the link is our good ecological system of Shanghai Longfeng workers need a special attention to the problem, and now only a few people are aware of such a problem, it is very important for the chain in the chain structure of health website. Here I am from two parts inside and outside the chain chain for everyone to do a simple introduction.

The structure of

chain has a direct impact on the user experience and search engine grab our website for web content, so to build a chain ecosystem site, first is the hierarchical structure to create internal links, the link structure requires the user to be able to find at every level structure above and below the layer of the link. Also requires a certain level of parallel and cross link structure. For example, as far as possible before the references in the article page, or we need to focus on the optimization of the key links page is construction of parallel layers, and the bread crumbs navigation is the link structure construction level.

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