third, according to the website of our planning website function positioning. This stage is in fact a web development stage, we should make clear the site is the company developed its own or entrust the site, our web site design, function module partition must have a clear understanding, for example, we may need to add information site registration function and ordinary business station is only a display function can register it is not necessary.


fourth, website design must conform to the characteristics of the industry. Each type of site design style are different, such as medical site may take the green, pink color, while the industrial sites may be in blue and gray color, because of the different customer groups we need to understand the age, gender and type, for users with planning web design details as a webmaster of the necessary homework.

Finally, the author summed up The first

, er, as the Shanghai dragon we must analyse the details of a series of problems in the planning of the site before, when a lot of details often is the key to our later website operation, especially for the analysis of industry needs, after entering a new industry must be good intentions, the above article from eliminating information tools 贵族宝贝 original starting Adsense nets, please indicate the copyright information, thank you for your cooperation.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er after entering a new company is facing may need to plan a to Shanghai dragon optimization site, or for the original site for details of the adjustment and revision, so, how can we construct from the user’s point of view and analysis of our

, the first to analyze on their company industry. For example, your product is a popular product or niche products, is for the male or female products products, industrial products and daily necessities, we can accurately understand the product positioning of our web forms, accurate design for customers, for promotion channel segmentation and classification, which are based on based on the accurate positioning for your company and products.

second, the line on the website to understand. The same is the site of many companies use the website to promote brand, some enterprises to promote the company’s products, some enterprises to do business platform for the promotion of C2C products, a clear purpose after we can establish the marketing type site comply with their taste in our service object group.

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