the following is how to achieve these keywords ranking, through what way, within the chain? Chain increase weight? How to increase the rankings and so on are included? What needs to be done. Attach a map index.

then Shanghai dragon in the operation of the process of how to quantify, for example, if you like A5 in a large platform class, business class website, or the website, you need to do a lot of things, there are also many assessment indicators, such as traffic, ranking, website page, if involved to Witkey aspects, but also on revenue monthly, examining the main things visually so much, and work everyday is also come from these quantitative indicators, such as this month’s sales target is 200W, if you need to achieve this two million revenue (here only from the perspective of natural search results come, not including some operating results), I need to know is how many million traffic can bring two million of the revenue, involves some conversion problems, some Can be calculated, OK, fix the flow, then the flow come from, so our next goal came out, must be from the search engine, search engine how to generate traffic, must be some website keywords to flow, so, how to improve the keywords ranking is a very something important.

in Shanghai Longfeng this thing, that simple is simple, as long as we grasp some website editing skills, learn the chain of technology, to learn how to change the chain of peers, can be a simple entry, with a monthly salary of thirteen block is not a problem. But if the Shanghai dragon really is a practical technology, it is difficult, you need to know all kinds of data pages, some ideas to product analysis, some methods to page planning, but these are not difficult to learn, raise your technology class is a lot of people do not understand something. Such as how to analyze the log, many people simply light years log analysis tools, others just write a few simple Python command will solve the problem, there are a variety of traffic operations, enhance the chain ranking batch are some important points.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has seen a great God published an article: search traffic operation can be quantified, the Shanghai dragon every step to quantify every detail, regardless of how the God of Shanghai dragon real technology, can be quantified to so fine, certainly not a "ordinary people" in this paper, want to share with you is still about something, the quantification of Shanghai Longfeng work from different angles of view, things may have many different places.

this raises the question, how to improve the keywords ranking, how are keywords ranking, home accounted for much of the page, accounted for much, even down to the first accounted for much of second, accounting for third, accounted for, if I want to achieve so much traffic, need to the home page keywords ranking up to how many points.

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