recently, with the continuous upgrade algorithm to love Shanghai for Shanghai dragon, the skills of workers is a big upgrade. At the same time, let Shanghai Longfeng novices become more confused. We really need what skills? Don’t worry, and the road to listen to me slowly.


Shanghai Dragon Technology

is also a very important is to analyze the competitor’s website, in order to obtain more useful information for us to use. As for those information useful to us, but to my personal website: Anhui Lotte marketing for a look at the relevant content.

master HTML? First, we do not just Shanghai dragon, keywords layout, content optimization, we also do some code optimization, some tags in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is extremely important, for example, H1, H2, ALT tags and so on.

basic knowledgeWhy did

OK, today is so much, because it is not written for a long time because of the content is a bit rough, please forgive me. Anhui Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝anhuijinying贵族宝贝/news/ Shanghai dragon jn.html

someone may ask, what is the relationship between the analysis ability? Don’t worry, I’ll let you sincerely convinced. We do in Shanghai dragon, there is a very important step is to analysis. We need to analyze web site log, love Shanghai to climb the overall situation from the website, in order to optimize the preparation to do better.


this point I do not say, do not grasp the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng solid foundation, the other are no good, here, I but to do the.

second, some sites are not very conducive to the optimization of the site, we have some simple revision, or modify the path of what and so on, these are enough to prove the importance of HTML based in Shanghai dragon in.

second, executive ability, this is for Shanghai dragon personal orders or staff, you can put the website problem more thorough analysis, Shanghai Dragon technology is how to achieve the implementation effect, abuses, everything else is in vain.


leadership and executive ability

first, leadership is the Shanghai dragon team or company Shanghai dragon leadership, how do you make you found the problem and other important things allocated, the organization is good, it depends on your personal leadership.

analysis of 2.

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