Pay attention to the amount of time to search the source

an article specifically introduces the bidding and optimization between different, today to introduce specific website optimization keywords selection strategy. According to the current understanding of the Shanghai dragon market is still in the keyword optimization, after all, a strong correlation to the income of the website keywords is relatively large. But how to choose keywords has become a problem, let the webmaster for distress.

as long as the above four conditions selection, basically can bring a lot of effective traffic to the site, through the research to the website.

choice is not blind, because it is always closely linked with the theme of the site to link more products into key words, will make the search engine that website of these products, and these products are closely linked, as long as one of keywords ranking, also can be very good to promote other keywords ranking. The products will be written into the keywords in the show in front of customers, more likely to attract related needs of customers.

three, the prospect of

analysis method and analysis of competitive flow almost, can through the tool, carefully observe the Shanghai love home website is a categorized list of top-level domain name or web site. If the site weight of the majority and the top-level domain name in front of the row is very high, so the word may be more difficult to optimize.

before I also heard a lot of choice of keywords method, but are not specific enough about 00. So the four conditions share good keywords must pass.

Keywords Keywords

, love Shanghai



two, the degree of competitionKeywords

competitiveness with most traffic related to take off, is the so-called, a penny goods. Low flow index low competitiveness will be low, it is easy to get, but the effect is relatively poor, and the high degree of competition flow must be great, it is very difficult, so the choice of keywords analysis must be competitive keywords.

believe that the majority of Shanghai dragon Er will pay attention to this aspect, after all the love Shanghai index reflects the level of search keywords. But as Shanghai dragon Er we can not be too superstitious love Shanghai index index can be changed at any time, to find a better search keywords need to catch them, from the point of view of the search starting to think about.

view keywords love Shanghai index, to avoid being blinded by false high index search keywords, because in addition to the user may also be competitors.

The Keywords Keywords

keyword search volume is not stable as everyone knows, in the process of search optimization in the development of some key words gradually decline, and some key words are A new force suddenly rises. Keywords to select by love Shanghai index view is on the rise or decline index trend.

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