how to save our snapshot, first we analyze what is the site is down right performance, so as to compensate for the loss of an antidote against the disease.

              general site outside the chain is to eliminate a great deal of two factors: "cheat" or remove the low quality of the chain, but no matter what kind of it will directly affect the site’s ranking, although the latter is not directly down the right performance. But the chain is a large number of culling is bound to affect the site ranking, here we will not do too much exposition. As for cheating site will be right down, or have been down right outside of the chain on the fluctuation must be great. And this momentum will start out until removed faster and less faster, and included in the new chain still >

              a snapshot of stagnation is right down the direct expression of

              two: the chain culling is right down to reflect the

              what is the small owners the most suck thing? The site is down right. What is the most looking forward to? Love Shanghai daily updates, what is the most afraid of? Drop updated ranking, snapshot recovery. As a webmaster pain and happiness have become the main theme of the indispensable in daily life, in a time of hone to grow. Summed up the failure again and again to enhance the consciousness of thought, and now face search engine update how can we do this? Although a lot of people have said the calm is good, but you still can not change the facts, but heavy-hearted over and over again to the SITE home, afraid to reduce the drop snapshot. So rather than wait for that binary search engine announced every day and week on site audit results, as well as the action to save our snapshot.

              owners often encountered a problem, for a long time the snapshot is not updated, or in comparison with the original snapshot is obviously slower, may reach ten and a half months are not updated snapshot of the situation. Binary to say, long time snapshot stagnation is a direct manifestation of the site is down right. Although the case has not yet appeared to reduce the snapshot of the phenomenon, but if not in time to save the situation then wait for search engine will be more severe punishment. Of course, there are some websites 32 days of snapshots stagnation, it is normal to show it is not necessary to do more worries.

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