site optimization based on search engine friendly techniques, can make your site more popular search engine. No matter the website structure, website content, website code are strictly in accordance with the search engine to the web page code, conforms to the W3C standard, using white hat techniques to optimize your website, but also take care not to optimize excessive, otherwise once the site suffered a slight or severe punishment, the website will stop updating the snapshot.

do some high quality the chain for the website through the link path will enter our website to guide the spider crawling, thus speeding up the page and website snapshot update. Through repeatedly guide the spider crawling website, search engine can constantly update the data in the database, when the data accumulated to a certain extent, the search engine will be updated on the website snapshot. But one must note that the site of the chain and update the content is the same, we must persevere, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, otherwise a snapshot of the site is unlikely to fast update. I remind you: the site outside the chain construction.

website snapshot update to some extent represents the site receives a search engine in favor of the degree. Snapshot update faster, the search engine more love this website, also pay more attention to the site, the spider crawling more frequently. So a lot of website construction and website optimization practitioners are trying to speed up their own website snapshot update. In fact, to speed up the snapshot update is not difficult, need to do the following. Here, the author brief introduction.

accelerate the website snapshot update, update the website content is very important. Continue to add content can enhance the user experience of the website, you can continue to come to guide the spider crawling, only frequent spider crawl, can quickly update the website snapshot. For the website content updates, pay attention to the original priority, unique perspective, content scarcity, update time rule. Even from the Internet to find content, to achieve a personal opinion, have a certain quality, do not use pseudo original software content together. If your website content is updated every day more, then you can batch updates to upload, so also can let the spider crawl your site more frequently, thus speeding up the website snapshot update.

optimization technique

website to make a spider crawling smoothly, site stability including site space stability, site title stability, site keywords stability, site layout stability, site security, not regular website, do not modify the title title tags and other META content, make the site to keep running smoothly, make the search engine the spider crawling time are carried out smoothly, fast update site snapshot will be looking forward to.

second: the use of search engine friendly website

fourth: for the site to do some outside the chain of high quality

third: keep stable operation of

: the first website content to be updated frequently


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