7C to check the webmaster tools test results: love Shanghai weights 0 PR2 included 168 trans 22 thousand snapshot ranking (Note: no more webmaster tools not 11 described. The site has to come out, we can make comparison. But the general data are similar, only love station data a little awesome.


webmaster tools, if the data uncertainty is the biggest weakness of visitors will not have the opportunity to visit next time. The actual accuracy of the author’s point of view under the webmaster tools! (I will have been plucking the company’s website (www.***贵族宝贝) for testing.

Figure 1 Figure 2

aizhan webmaster tools test results: love Shanghai weight 2 PR2 included 168 chain 21 thousand and 900 snapshot ranking

Figure 2

in criticizing a webmaster tools whether "". The standard should be from the following aspects: 1 "scoring", data accuracy. 2, user experience.

said the first point: first, the accuracy of the data.


fuck is this Chinaz pit ah! Don’t tell me you love the Shanghai index is the average for the year, don’t tell you the love of Shanghai.

No matter which Figure 1

used to listen to other people say love is a good tool for the station, more authoritative. But I think there are flaws in the good things. After this thing I was absolutely reliable point chinaz. But look at the data you’re surprised. One day I’m boring to check their Huaihua network company website keywords love Shanghai index, I found that the Chinaz love Shanghai index and other webmaster tools are not the same. There are pictures and the truth. In fact I love Shanghai index to query these 2 words, Huaihua network company for the construction of 63 Huaihua website 0.

love love Shanghai station 2 of the weight of what???? (Figure 1). Then I hold out of spirit, click on the surprised that I love Shanghai weight 2, results more surprise, please see figure.

webmaster tools, love stand, to check the webmaster tools which is better? Many people will ask this question, in such a fall in love with the sea a lot of related problems. These years every day I work in network in Huaihua network company is always in contact webmaster tools, webmaster tools platform to collect more, personal feeling. Each one has its own merits with the actual data, the following is the difference between these tools.

Chinaz webmaster tools test results: love Shanghai weight 0 PR2 included 168 trans 22 thousand snapshot ranking (for authenticity detection data can be directly love Shanghai SITE


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