2. search engine crawler recorder, record search engine crawling frequent period of time and this time it will update the content, to a certain extent with the spiders

3. to develop timely check the website Links habits, so as not to be K site drag on their website

1. on site outside the chain, guided by quality is king. I found many of the same analysis based on their own experiences with my website keyword website did not Zeyang, and my new snapshot is not very ideal, but that position remained in Shanghai, love the first page, but I looked at their website chain number up to more than 8000, and my it… . because I just began to understand the Shanghai dragon but not how to pay attention to the website chain number and the website ranking is not ideal, hope you take this as a warning ah

4. in the well-known website published some articles, and leave your domain in this paper, which can largely increase the site outside chain number.

7. to establish the site map, this point should make full use of Google webmaster tools, real-time submit site map. This is the search engine more comprehensive collection of very important

for many webmaster speaking Shanghai dragon is not what fresh topic, I am the novice master and there is a big gap, but recently I have been strengthening the knowledge, below I talk about some experience, I hope to help everyone, if this is not the right place hope.

8. is in line with the principle of the content, pay attention to the original. Maybe some people will say that I also know to the original, but the original which is so simple. I have a few suggestions. First, try not to copy others COPY website, the thoughts of changes, this trick search engines can to a certain extent. Again is to try to do what some pseudo original tools, this kind of work.

5. technical webmaster can develop their own programs, I have had this experience, my website has just started, I own nothing, then developed a gadget, put in several well-known download stations, the advantage of this is that not only can increase the chain of several high quality (because the download station will display program official website link), and can increase the flow, it is needless to say, the program was downloaded, there will be quite a few will click on your links.

Try to install

The number of

6. to the website static, and as far as possible without excessive pictures, such as flash, because it will also affect the site loading time will also affect the crawler access, also should pay attention to the navigation well, not to the most beautiful and pure and complete with flash navigation instead of doing harm. Is the search engine crawler doesn’t recognize text in flash, which can greatly reduce the amount collected, but there is a very good solution, is a simple text links on the site at the bottom.

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